Yutang and Shentang

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The discovery of the double planetary system Yutang-Shentang forced the authorities of the StateEmpire to establish a colonization program even more ambitious than expected. However, historically, colossal projects are intrinsic to Chinese politics, and they do not intimidate Yu Jing leaders. [1]

Planet Statistics

Distance from Star: 1.05 UA (Both)

Orbital Revolution: 383 days (Both)

Rotation: 26 hours (Both)

Radius: 1.2 Earth radius (Both)

Surface Gravity: 1,005g (Both)

Planet Data File

Type of government: Imperial Socialist One-Party State (Both)

Head of government: The Dragon Emperor/Party President (Both)

Capital: Yián Xiáng (Shentang), Tian Di Jing (Yutang)

Population of Planet: 2.2 billion (Shentang), 2.8 billion (Yutang)

Off-Planet System Population: 4 billion (Both)

Main Languages: Yujingyu, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Laotian (Shentang), Yujingyu, Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese) (Yutang)

Main Industries: Agriculture, Armaments, Fishing, Quantronics (Shentang), Agriculture, Finance, Military (Yutang)


Yu Jing