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The other great power, the eternal rival always conspiring and intriguing to bring down its adversary is Yu Jing (read Yu Ching), the Asiatic giant. The entire Far East is united beneath the banner of what was once China but which has now formed a single, though varied, oriental culture. Product of great industrial and technological development and a forceful, thriving economy, Yu Jing is determined to achieve the dominant position which it aspires to.

The great Asian power, Yu Jing (pronounced you cheeng) has devoted all its efforts to the race for leadership of the human sphere. Yu Jing is the second most influential nation in the sphere and, in the firm belief that it is destined for primacy, it will fight, buy and seduce its way to the top.

Yu Jing has been able to harness the cultural wealth of the Far East as a foundation for a modern society developed apart from the fads and whims of the West. It has also developed a robust technological industry, amongst the most advanced in the Human Sphere. The New Asia sees itself as a flash of light in the electric night. By combining traditional values with the benefits of today’s technology, Yu Jing has forged a solid economy and a powerful army to face a brilliant future. By force or by intrigue, Yu Jing is fated to become the dominant power in the Sphere.[1]

Imperial Service


The Judicial Corps of Yu Jing, authorized in its mission to protect and uphold Law and Order, has a special tasks tactical branch known as the Imperial Service. This division is responsible for conducting internal defense jobs, civilian and military security, as well as anti-terrorist and anti-subversive actions.

Regardless of the crudeness of its harsh and severe methods, or more probably because of them, the Imperial Service knows how to maintain control of whatever situation they are involved in and constitutes a formidable enemy, the claws of the Dragon that destroy the enemies of Yu Jing.

The Imperial Service is under the direct control of the Emperor, and is considered his representation on the streets or in battle. On the operational level, the armed wing of the Judicial Corps can act fully integrated into the organizational structure of the army or as an independent intervention force. 

The Imperial Service has a black reputation as a military corps because of the moral standard of its units, a mix of infamous penal regiments with police and paramilitary units sadly famous due to their lack of scruples and preference for drastic solutions. 

Invincible Army


The size of Yu Jing’s military might does not matter. It doesn’t matter how many frigates, spacecraft carriers, or battle cruisers the StateEmpire Navy has available. It doesn’t matter how many cannons and missile launcher pads, orbital or on the planetary surface, the Yu Jing artillery regiments possess. It doesn’t matter how advanced their communication and quantronic warfare units are. To the general public, the Yu Jing war machine’s real symbol of force is the Invincible Army.

The army corps known by this imposing name forms the core of the StateEmpire Army. It’s a force characterized by employing Heavy Infantry as its true and main protagonist, and the heart of its entire operational approach.

The White Banner Army


It’s often said that PanOceania is number one, the Hyperpower. Is it? Are you sure? If that’s so, if they truly are the strongest power in the entire Human Sphere, then why did they have half of Svalarheima taken away from them? How is it possible that after so much time, after so much overt and covert fighting, they still haven’t recovered it yet? Both questions have the same answer: the White Banner Army.

Flexibility and adaptability combined with hardness and endurance, agility, stealth, and surprise. These are the core traits of the White Banner Army, a force with the tough and relentless attitude of those who know that they ought to protect their own against an enemy that’s ready and willing to eliminate every single one of them. A force that has been the not so secret weapon of the StateEmpire in Huangdi, and the reason why the Hyperpower is not so hyper in Svalarheima.

Close Battle List: Yuandun

“The enemy does not show any respect for honor or rules. To protect the StateEmpire, we will do the same. We are the Emperor’s shield.” Colonel Peng Shou. Extract from the foundational harangue of the Yuándùn Division.

The Yuándùn (“Shield”) Division is a special task force of the Imperial Service created for contact operations and the suppression of high-risk threats. Known as “the butchers of Motobushima” for their cruel performance in the takeover of the city of Kuraimori during the Japanese Uprising, their infamous reputation precedes them wherever they are deployed, where they are feared and hated in equal measure. Following the operations in Kuraimori, the Yuándùn Division has earned a well-deserved reputation in the StateEmpire Army as a task force specialized in hunting Japanese, a task that they conduct with particular joy and efficiency. As a unit that is “all or nothing,” it is clear that members of this division will neither show mercy to Japanese forces nor expect it from them. The members of the Yuándùn Division are selected from among the best troopers in the Imperial Service and from some State regiments, which provide the heavy tactical reinforcements that a light corps such as the Imperial Service often lacks. However, it takes a special kind of person to become a member of this division. Beyond combat abilities, Yuándùn Division members are all committed to fulfilling their duty to protect the StateEmpire, a duty that prevails over moral sense. The purpose of this special body is to protect the StateEmpire from both internal and external enemies, using special methods and tactics, many of them of dubious morality. However, all the actions of this body are approved by the Emperor, the only authority to which they are accountable. The knowledge of being backed by the Emperor reinforces in them a sense of impunity and of importance in their mission. The Yuándùn Division goes to great lengths to safeguard the StateEmpire security, and there are neither lives nor rights that these corps are not willing to sacrifice to fulfill their duty.

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Faction Units

Light Infantry

Bào Troops

Celestial Guard

Chief Mech-Engineer Cheong-Hee Jeong

Guĭ Fēng

Guĭ Fēng Xi Zhuang

Imperial Agent, Pheasant Rank

Kuang Shi

Mech-Engineers (Zhanshi Gōngchéng)

Taowu, Mastermind and Schemer

Tian Gŏu, Orbital Activity Squad


Zhanshi Yīshēng

Zhànyīng Imperial Agent

Medium Infantry

Imperial Agent Adil Mehmut, Special Division

Dāoyīng Operative Control Unit

Hùndùn Ambush Unit

Jing Qo, the Shadow of Huangdi

Léi Gōng, Invincibles Lord of Thunder

Sun Tze 2.0

Tiger Soldier

Yě Māo Infantry

Heavy Infantry

Bìxié, the Jade Champion

Dàofei Tactical Section

Hac Tao Special Unit

Hǎidào Special Support Group

Húláng Shocktroopers

Hsien Warriors

Imperial Agent Adil Mehmut (Crane Rank Armor)

Imperial Agent, Crane Rank

Jujak Regiment, Korean Shock Infantry

Sergeant So-Ra Kwon, Jujak Regiment

Krit Kokram

Liú Xīng Jump Infantry

Mówáng Troops

Captain Qiang Gāo, Invincibles Officer

Shàng Jí Invincibles

Sù-Jiàn Immediate Action Unit

Sun Tze

Tai Sheng, Zúyŏng Invincibles NCO

Wu Míng Assault Corps

Yān Huǒ Invincibles, Fire Support Heavy Regiment

Zhēnchá, Armored Reconnaissance Regiment

Zúyŏng Invincibles, Terra-cotta Soldiers


Guiláng Skirmishers

Kǎnrèn Counter-insurgency Group



Liang Kai

Shaolin Warrior Monks


Yáofáng Lóng Yá

Yáokòng (Includes Wèibīng, Hùsòng, Son-Bae, and Chaīyì)

Yáopú Pangguling

Yáoxiè (includes Rui Shi and Lù Duān)



Blue Wolf Mongol Cavalry



Asuka Kisaragi



Ko Dali



List of Imperial Service Units.