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The other great power, the eternal rival always conspiring and intriguing to bring down its adversary is Yu Jing (read Yu Ching), the Asiatic giant. The entire Far East is united beneath the banner of what was once China but which has now formed a single, though varied, oriental culture. Product of great industrial and technological development and a forceful, thriving economy, Yu Jing is determined to achieve the dominant position which it aspires to.

Imperial Service

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Yu Jing’s Judicial Corps, in its authorized mission of protection and Law and Order enforcement, has a tactical wing for special tasks known as the Imperial Service. This section is the one in charge of carrying out tasks of internal defense, civil and military security, including anti-terrorist and anti-subversive actions. 

The Imperial Service is under the direct control of the Emperor, and is considered his representation on the streets or in battle. On the operational level, the armed wing of the Judicial Corps can act fully integrated into the organizational structure of the army or as an independent intervention force. 

The Imperial Service has a black reputation as a military corps because of the moral standard of its units, a mix of infamous penal regiments with police and paramilitary units sadly famous due to their lack of scruples and preference for drastic solutions. 

Nevertheless, the effectiveness of this military body in the execution of its missions cannot be denied. Aside from the crudity of its hard and severe methods, or maybe because of them, the Imperial Service knows how to take control of any situation in which it may be involved and stands as a fearsome enemy; the claws with which the Dragon destroys the enemies of Yu Jing.

Invincible Army

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The White Banner Army


Close Battle List: Yuandun

“The enemy does not show any respect for honor or rules. To protect the StateEmpire, we will do the same. We are the Emperor’s shield.” Colonel Peng Shou. Extract from the foundational harangue of the Yuándùn Division.

The Yuándùn (“Shield”) Division is a special task force of the Imperial Service created for contact operations and the suppression of high-risk threats. Known as “the butchers of Motobushima” for their cruel performance in the takeover of the city of Kuraimori during the Japanese Uprising, their infamous reputation precedes them wherever they are deployed, where they are feared and hated in equal measure. Following the operations in Kuraimori, the Yuándùn Division has earned a well-deserved reputation in the StateEmpire Army as a task force specialized in hunting Japanese, a task that they conduct with particular joy and efficiency. As a unit that is “all or nothing,” it is clear that members of this division will neither show mercy to Japanese forces nor expect it from them. The members of the Yuándùn Division are selected from among the best troopers in the Imperial Service and from some State regiments, which provide the heavy tactical reinforcements that a light corps such as the Imperial Service often lacks. However, it takes a special kind of person to become a member of this division. Beyond combat abilities, Yuándùn Division members are all committed to fulfilling their duty to protect the StateEmpire, a duty that prevails over moral sense. The purpose of this special body is to protect the StateEmpire from both internal and external enemies, using special methods and tactics, many of them of dubious morality. However, all the actions of this body are approved by the Emperor, the only authority to which they are accountable. The knowledge of being backed by the Emperor reinforces in them a sense of impunity and of importance in their mission. The Yuándùn Division goes to great lengths to safeguard the StateEmpire security, and there are neither lives nor rights that these corps are not willing to sacrifice to fulfill their duty.

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Faction Units

Light Infantry

Asuka Kisaragi

Bao Troop

Celestial Guard

Gui Feng

Imperial Agent, Pheasant Rank

Kuang Shi



Zhanshi Yisheng

Zhanying Imperial Agent

Xi Zhuang

Medium Infantry

Adil Mehmut, Imperial Agent


Hùndùn Ambush Unit

Jing Qo, the Shadow of Huangdi

Ko Dali


Sun Tze 2.0

Tiger Soldier

Yě Māo Infantry

Heavy Infantry


Hac Tao





Imperial Agent, Crane Rank


Jujak Regiment, Korean Shock Infantry

Krit Kokram

Liu Xing


Captain Qiang Gāo, Invincibles Officer

Shang Ji


Sun Tze

Tai Sheng

Wu Ming

Yan Huo








Shaolin Monk



Yaopu Pangguling






List of Imperial Service Units.