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“I have been created to fight against the most powerful champions in the universe. The best scientists from the Ur Hegemonic Civilization have given me the combat skills necessary to destroy the enemy, regardless of who it might be. I’m one of the top models of the Batroid series. I’m a techno-organic creature who was raised to become a specific tool in the service of the Hegemony and its leader: the EI. I’m a top-of-the-line combat operator with advanced tactical skills and great mobility. This combination allows me to cover and dominate the battlefield perfectly. Because of how I use my power, my enemies call me a monster. Citizens of the Hegemony, however, call me a champion. However, no other opinion matters more than the one of my owner and mistress: the EI. The EI orders and I obey her. This is how it has been established, how I have been raised, and therefore how it should be. I have been created for combat. I have been designed for destruction. I’m a weapon of the Ur Hegemony.”

Recitation of loyalty. Process of programming and activating the Xeodron Model, Batroid Series. Harvesting Phase. Growth and Cultivation Fields of the Ur Hegemony. Unknown Location.


ISC: Xeodron Batroids Tactical Armour Gear
Fury: Non-Impetuous Training: Regular Back-Up: None
4-4 14 13 13 13 5 6 3 6
Skills and Equipment: Bioimmunity, G: Remote Presence, Super-Jump
Name Skills and Equipment BS Weapons CC Weapons Points SWC
Red Fury Red Fury, Blitzen Heavy Pistol 59 1
K1 Combi K1 Combi Rifle, Blitzen Heavy Pistol 59 0.5
MULTI Rifle MULTI Rifle, Blitzen Heavy Pistol 58 0.5

Combined Army - Xeodron Batroids - -A6- -Vyo-.png


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