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“Airaghardt” (Go Forth!). Gaelic Motto of the Wulvers.

The Wulvers are racially mixed, a Dogface-human hybrid, an evolutionary dead end. All of them are sterile, none will have descendants. Therefore there are few on the planet Dawn, although they are abundant on Caledonia, where the Dogface population is more numerous. If the Dogfaces have difficulty integrating with the humans, the Wulvers have it much worse, because their wild inheritance is more evident. They have the physical constitution of a predator, with great penetrating eyes and ample jaws, equipped with sharpened eyeteeth. Their bodies are completely covered with a thick coat. Their torso is muscular, and they have the arms of a woodcutter and long and strong legs, made to run and to chase. The Wulvers are more intelligent than their Dogface cousins, and yet, like them, they cannot avoid seeing themselves as possessed by the Blood Fever. Its inherent instinct to charge, released with terrible fury, is a factor that makes it difficult, sometimes impossible, to contain the determined attack of the Wulver Grenadiers. Anxious to enter the fray, an uncontrollable impulse demands that they advance to finish off their enemy. The savage gaze, the screams of rage and the instinctive forward propulsion, are the warning signs of a Wulver charge, characteristics that any Ariadnan officer knows how to recognize. The fundamental role of the Wulver Grenadiers is the head-on attack. Once they launch the charge, there is no chance of stopping them, and for them the only options are to kill or be killed. They charge towards the enemy at great speed, impelled forward by a wild and demonic fury, with total indifference for their own and other people's lives, blinded by an absolute passion for the pleasure of the battle.

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