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Stingray 3 Series: Clausewitz Uhlans

“Acta non verba” (Action, not words) Motto of the Uhlan Regiment.

A small Uhlan squadron was the architect of victory in Valkenswijk, Paradiso, destroying a complete O-Yoroi column. Their action ruined the attack plan of Yu Jing’s High Command. paralyzing the enemy offensive for several days. This operation is now a textbook example in all armoured warfare training courses. The Uhlan Regiment of the Clausewitz citadel, on Aquila (Neoterra), is the most famous anti-tank Armored Cavalry in PanOceania. As T.A.G. destroyers, their main function is to provide anti-armor support in combat operations. The pilots of this regiment receive specific training based on hunting and stalking T.A.G.s and hostile armoured vehicles. Their preferred operating doctrine favours movement and capturing of favourable positions from which to engage an attacking enemy. Their task is so specific that they are not deployed in assaults or frontal attacks like the Squalo series of T.A.G.s. On the contrary. the Uhlan is a light unit with great mobility which just needs to maneuver into a position of tactical dominance to camouflage itself and then ambush enemy T.A.G.s. These machines are able to move as quietly and fluidly as the shadow of a large predator amongst the smoke and clamour of combat. Thanks to the skill of their pilots, and their advanced concealment devices, the Uhlans are invisible hunters and stealthy assassins.

At one time the Squalo series substituted the second generation of the Stingray series, which was by then already on the border of obsolescence as the general purpose TAG. However, Moto.tronica decided to develop a third generation of the Stingray series, repositioning it as a lightweight specific purpose TAG. The innovations applied in this new series would be a real eye opener for the military industry complexes across the entire Sphere.

Stingray Series 3 have been conceived as lightweight Remote Presence TAGs, designed and optimized for specific combat tasks. Outwardly, their lightness is highlighted by their small size which provides a clear tactical advantage. In the Series 3 the preference was to limit their offensive load capacity and protection, not only to reduce size but also to gain space in which to incorporate component improvements and new technological resources. This allows integration of the advanced specialized systems which are characteristic of the Stingray TAG series, whether of concealment (Uhlan and Tikbalang models), or mobility (Tikbalang model), providing the PanOceanian Military Complex a range of TAGs with unique capabilities.


ISC: Clausewitz Uhlans Tactical Armour Gear
Fury: Non-Impetuous Training: Regular Back-Up: None
6-4 15 15 15 12 6 6 3 6
Skills and Equipment: CH: Camouflage, G: Remote Presence, ECM
Name Skills and Equipment BS Weapons CC Weapons Points SWC
HMG+Feuerbach HMG, Feuerbach {{{6}}} 99 2

PanOceania - Clausewitz Uhlans - -N3- -Vyo-.png


Uhlan 1.jpg

Uhlan 2.jpg

Current Miniatures

None at this time.

Out of Production Miniatures


REF: 280286-0586 Box contained one Tikbalang and one Clausewitz Uhlans

TU Unboxed 04 - Uhlan.jpg
TU Unboxed 05 - Uhlan.jpg
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