The PanOceania of Maximus and Gata

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Welcome to the Star Travel Blog, sponsored by Royal Spacer’s Space Cruise - specialists in taking you to any corner of the Human Sphere!

Would you like to know a little more about your HexaDome Heroes? Join us on a journey through the home planets of these two aristos.

The Human Sphere is shaped by the star systems inhabited by Humanity. Overall, there are eleven planets: Earth, Neoterra, Acontecimento, Varuna, Yu Jing, Bourak, Concilium, Svalarheima, Paradiso, Human Edge and, more recently, Dawn.

Our aristos, Maximus and Gata, come from the largest hyperpower - PanOceania.

Maximus is the perfect representative of his system, Neoterra (the PanOceanian capital planet), and Gata is the shiny icon of lively Acontecimento. Two planets, and two different ways of life.


Are you cosmopolitan? Then don’t miss the chance to visit Neoterra, the heart of humanity, the economic engine of the Human Sphere, the largest financial center of the international economic system, and main driver of research in sophisticated technology. In Neoterra, everything is energized!

Neoterra is the most technologically advanced planet in the Sphere; a world full of aesthetically magnificent and clean cities. It’s the result of cutting-edge advances in technology, as well as political and ecological hypercorrection that goes beyond hypocrisy. Hello Maximus!

It has earned the nickname of the Great Gem, both for its value economically and politically, as well as its glowing and radiant cities. Everything is a night show!

The city of Turoqua hosts the Central Bank of PanOceania, which controls the only PanOceanian currency: the Oceana - the strongest currency in all of the international economic system.

In Turoqua, you are in the economic heart of the Human Sphere!

The city of Amaravati specializes in information technology. Top-notch Maya companies chose this city to be their headquarters.

Just as Turoqua is the city of massive trading conglomerates, Amaravati is the home of tech-companies that provide its inhabitants with the latest and greatest technological trends of the Human Sphere.

Its citizens consume the newest technology at an exponential rate, and they easily offer themselves up as volunteers to participate in public beta tests of the latest innovations.

Do you want to see the cutting-edge trends in vehicles and auto-droids? In this city, you can find prototypes in the field hat you wouldn’t be able to see on your planet. If you blink, you’ll miss it!

Maya's biggest entertainment channels also have their spot in the city. The creation of a macro-bubble of media make the population of Amaravati the most avid consumer of audiovisual products in the entire Human Sphere.

While walking through its streets you’ll find celebrities such as the star of the Oxyd Channel, Go-Go Marlene, or Vissiorama reporters Rhod Bozzo, Vince McMahogany, Final Boss or Lydia Vasquez.

If you are a fan of Maximus, you cannot miss visiting the Maximus Foundation, created by the champion of Aristeia! to improve the lives of young people through sports.

This high-performance sports center for young working-class PanOceanian inhabitants has talent agents from all around looking for promising young athletes.

The building is an architectural marvel within the city. It displays a massive Maximus hologram on the facade. It’s a must!

This institution is well known in the Human Sphere, thanks to the promotion of its famous founder. It has recently started a global recruitment program. Who knows? Maybe you could be the chosen one!

Neoterra enjoys an advantageous location on the space routes of the Circulars, and it is the main link of the most important lines. Through the orbital astroport of Neoterra, hundreds of millions of passengers circulate annually, which makes it the busiest astroport of the Human Sphere.

Check the frequency of the Royal Spacer Space Cruises, and don’t forget to visit Maximus’ homeland!


Do you prefer direct contact with nature and the enjoyment of paradisiac resorts? If so, this is your destination!

On Acontecimento, planet of contrasts, you can find cultivated fields, extensive cattle ranches, and big industrial complexes that represent the engine of PanOceania and magnificent tourist complexes along the coast.

In addition to this, Acontecimento has one of the largest Natural Parks of the Sphere - the Great Arboreal Reserve. This is a vast jungle and the last remnant of the original ecosystem of the planet. If you enjoy hiking, you can get lost in its routes. But… don’t forget to read some useful info about the local fauna beforehand!

If Neoterra is the brain of the Hyperpower, a planet only inhabited by the most elite of society, Acontecimento is the PanOceanian muscle - the planet of industry and the paradise of the great middle-class masses that are part of this nation.

The wealth enjoyed by the middle classes of this planet is paradigmatic for the rest of the Sphere.

The planet was named after the Portuguese word “Acontecimento”, that means “event”. It perfectly reflects the festive and commemorative spirit of the time it was populated by immigrants full of hope who came mainly from Brazil, India, and Chile. The origin of this ancient population is clearly noticeable in their modern culture and in its geography.

The people of Acontecimento carry pure joy through their veins. Let yourself go and enjoy the hospitality of the region!

Large amounts of crop fields controlled by remote-host robotic units extend through large areas, and rife with fully automated farms. Don’t forget to make an appointment for a guided tour to one of these farms. It is a one-of-a-kind experience, that is for sure!

The largest city of Acontecimento, the planetary capital, the seat of government, and the beating heart of the industry - Cidade BomJesus is also the most densely populated.

It’s the only place of Acontecimento where you can find skyscrapers in the middle of the city!

The outer ring of the city is an extensive network of residential areas, a mix of houses and apartments joined by one another by wide roads and equipped with warehouses and transportation services.

Cidade BomJesus is the home to Biochemical Aura, a successful corporation mostly owned by the Duarte family. The company has left its mark on the Sphere by analyzing, synthesizing and applying the biological resources of Acontecimento. It’s the main sponsor of the Aristo Murtair, and it also developed the chemical that gives him his wild look.

The city is also home to the famous "Garotas from Acontecimento", and especially the stunning girls from the city of Portobelo.

Blessed with beautiful beaches, thermal springs, tropical weather, and exuberant vegetation - Portobelo has luxurious resorts along its coast. Remind yourself to book your stay in advance! It’s a destination that is high in demand.

It’s also the home of the famous Aristeia star! Gata - icon of the Garotas (the most beautiful women in the city).

Gata has done a lot to boost tourism in the area. As a proud ambassador of the city, her image can be found far and wide within Cidade BomJesus. You can’t imagine the vast amount of merchandising that display her adorable face! It’s so cute!

What are you waiting for? Forget about your problems, and book a space cruise! Now, you will get to the best part: you get to live the experience! Maximus and Gata wait for you in PanOceania.[1]