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At the beginning of their expansion through the galaxy, the Morat Aggression Forces commanded by War Marshal Tarlok obliterated the army of the Wondal empire, which was a formidable adversary, in the Great Battle of Katrome Forest. That day proved what the Morat already knew: that the Supremacy would honor its name and was ready to take by force everything it encountered on its path of galactic conquest. The Axe Expansion had begun.

The real architects of that victory were the troops specialized in jungle combat who spearheaded the attack. Moving nimbly like feral beasts, they were able to overtake and outflank the Wondal forces, who could not have expected such a swift and savage assault.

As a result of these troops’ accomplishments, it was decided to create a permanent division made up of different units, all of them specializing in forest and jungle warfare. This division, which was named Tarlok to honor their leader in that battle, became one of the key units of the Aggression Force, and had an outstanding performance throughout the Axe Expansion, which established the Morat Supremacy as a fully-fledged expansionist empire on a galactic scale.

Given its outstanding track record, it comes as no surprise that the Aggression Force sent a Battle Group from the Tarlok Division with the expeditionary force bound for Paradiso, because of the vast jungle coverage on this planet. The Tarlok Battle Group was key to the rapid progress of the Morat forces along the Norstralia and Septentria fronts. Wherever it was deployed, the Aggression Force achieved positive results and gained ground. No matter how foreign the jungles of Paradiso might have seemed to other Combined Army troops, the Tarlok felt right at home.

When the Evolved Intelligence decided to launch her offensive over the Durgama region, on Concilium Prima, she reserved a relevant role for the Tarlok. This Combat Group must act as a mobile reinforcement, able to move fast towards it could be required. However, the failure in the total nullification of the Raveneye Orbital Platform meant for the Combined Army’s main attack force the lost numerous troops, getting seriously weakened. This situation forced the Tarlok Combat Group to adopt a more proactive role, becoming the spearhead of the EI’s forces in Durgama. The skills and impetus of the Tarlok allowed them to advance a lot through the map, conquering some relevant locations during the first stage of the offensive.

Nevertheless, the absence of regular and reliable logistic support besides the arrival of reinforcement troops from O-12 and their allies stopped the unstoppable Morat advance. This drove the situation there towards the actual impasse, with constant fights which are never definitive. The Tarlok know they must keep fighting even outnumbered and outgunned. They had to hold their positions and stand their ground until their reinforcements breach the Cerberus Blockade and arrive at Durgama. However, all those combats will happen in the jungle, and that’s something the Tarlok are damn good at.”

Excerpt adapted from the Infinity Raveneye book.[1]