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Steindrage, the stone dragon, a challenge to evolution that only a land such as Khurland could give birth to. No matter what weapon you use nor how rapidly you fire it, all your shots will ricochet off the scales of this titanic reptile, and then you'll have to face its terrible wrath. A clue: you won't survive. [1]

Steindrage the stone dragon, a freak evolution that only a land like Khurland could birth. No matter what weapon you use or how rapidly you fire it, all your shots will ricochet off the scales of this titanic reptile. When you face its terrible wrath, there is little chance you will survive.[2]

Warcrow Adventures: Thunderous Gust

H-S]: Corvus Belli added a standalone side-quest to Warcrow Adventures for the heroes to fight the "Thunderous Gust", Lindwurm's name for TAG Raid's Steindrage.

From deep within the mysterious Fog, a menacing dragon arrives in the lands of Lindwurm. The Thunderous Gust is a violent creature that will cause terror in its wake, and our group of adventurers will have to work together to defeat this enormous enemy. A challenging and exciting battle awaits us in this expansion!

The Thunderous Gust brings with it its own standalone side-quest for you to choose your favorite heroes and face this powerful and fearsome dragon. And if you already have its twin brother, the Infinity Deathmatch: TAG Raid Steindrage, we want to let you know that the necessary items (enemy card and token) to play this special scenario will be included in the Core box.[3]



ISC: Steindrage MegaBeast
Fury: Not Impetuous Training: Regular Back-Up: No Cube
- 18 9 18 14 10 10 10 -
Skills and Equipment: ECM: Guided (-9), 360 Visor, BS Attack (+3 DAM), Guard, Immunity (Total), Total Reaction, Ballistics Resistance (-3)
Name Skills and Equipment BS Weapons CC Weapons Points SWC
Steindrage - Heavy Flamethrower (+3B) AP CC Weapon - -

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As "The Thunderous Gust"

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As "The Thunderous Gust"

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