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  • ...sen’s small Unit of Mercy allowed PanOceanian troops to destroy the main Morat force’s rearguard, rescue numerous prisoners, and capture important techn
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  • ...ies in its cosmic domain, but the core is composed of the most trustworthy units, the Ur Hegemonic Wave. This includes the always reliable and loyal Batroid === Morat Aggression Force ===
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  • A very handy model to have as she can proxy for many other units in the faction. It might not be very clear but he's holding a Morat's head. Gruesome!
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  • ...stroy fortified positions. They cover the advance of the rest of the Morat units, blowing up impeding structures and repulsing counter-attacks launched by t ...ight Infantry|Non-Impetuous|Regular|Cube|4-4|13|11|12|13|1|0|1|2|Engineer, Morat|#9f8dba}}
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  • ...or the Morat Armored Brigade, likely a phonetic corruption of the original Morat codename (Raizot).'' Raichos are the basic instrument of the Morat Armored Brigades: a gargantuan combat machine operated by a bloodthirsty al
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  • lacks the glorious tradition of the more battle-worn regiments. In the Morat military, this is a source of unmitigated shame. ...strafing toward their foes for close-quarters carnage, Rodoks can be more Morat than absolutely anyone.
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  • ...act directly and brutally, without hesitation, as the traditional canon of Morat Aggression Forces commands. ...y Infantry|Non-Impetuous|Regular|Cube|4-4|20|13|15|13|6|3|2|5|AutoMediKit, Morat|#9f8dba}}
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  • ...nemies and hidden dangers. They are deployed as Close Precision Engagement units, operating as counter-sniper teams. Their task is to detect and neutralize ...Armed or unarmed, a civilian is just a target for them. Appropriately, the Morat insignia for ‘Occupied Territory Activity’ decorating the regiment’s
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  • Regiment’s mission is not only exploration: after all, they are still Morat troops, so they take a proactively aggressive combat attitude. As a result The term ‘female regiment’ must not be misunderstood. The Zerat are full Morat soldiers and as dangerous as their male comrades. In the brief time since t
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