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  • ...adversary, in the Great Battle of Katrome Forest. That day proved what the Morat already knew: that the Supremacy would honor its name and was ready to take ...utstanding performance throughout the Axe Expansion, which established the Morat Supremacy as a fully-fledged expansionist empire on a galactic scale.
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  • ...stroy fortified positions. They cover the advance of the rest of the Morat units, blowing up impeding structures and repulsing counter-attacks launched by t ...ight Infantry|Non-Impetuous|Regular|Cube|4-4|13|11|12|13|1|0|1|2|Engineer, Morat|#9f8dba}}
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  • ...or the Morat Armored Brigade, likely a phonetic corruption of the original Morat codename (Raizot).'' Raichos are the basic instrument of the Morat Armored Brigades: a gargantuan combat machine operated by a bloodthirsty al
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  • ...act directly and brutally, without hesitation, as the traditional canon of Morat Aggression Forces commands. ...y Infantry|Non-Impetuous|Regular|Cube|4-4|20|13|15|13|6|3|2|5|AutoMediKit, Morat|#9f8dba}}
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  • ...erat Regiment’s mission is not only exploration: after all, they are still Morat troops, so they take a proactively aggressive combat attitude. As a result The term ‘female regiment’ must not be misunderstood. The Zerat are full Morat soldiers and as dangerous as their male comrades. In the brief time since t
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  • ...ies in its cosmic domain, but the core is composed of the most trustworthy units, the Ur Hegemonic Wave. This includes the always reliable and loyal Batroid === Morat Aggression Force ===
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  • ...nemies and hidden dangers. They are deployed as Close Precision Engagement units, operating as counter-sniper teams. Their task is to detect and neutralize ...Armed or unarmed, a civilian is just a target for them. Appropriately, the Morat insignia for ‘Occupied Territory Activity’ decorating the regiment’s
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  • lacks the glorious tradition of the more battle-worn regiments. In the Morat military, this is a source of unmitigated shame. ...strafing toward their foes for close-quarters carnage, Rodoks can be more Morat than absolutely anyone.
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  • ...ersen’s small Unit of Mercy allowed PanOceanian troops to destroy the main Morat force’s rearguard, rescue numerous prisoners, and capture important techn
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  • units under his command too far, often putting them in "all or nothing" weaken the flank threatened by Morat Vanguard Infantry. This theory has
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  • ...communications relay station, has been the key to opening the way for the Morat Aggression Forces’ deployment in the Durgama region, and has furthered th ...enaries), as well as new troops for these armies, with special emphasis on Morat.
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  • ...perial agent who sacrificed himself to help his son and many others escape Morat fury. ...officer to the White Banner Army, and he has joined this planetary force’s units in operations on Huangdi’s borders and in the defense of Helmheim on Conc
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  • A very handy model to have as she can proxy for many other units in the faction. '''Availability:''' Free with purchase of the Morat Aggression Force bundle (2022) (MAF box, [[Dire_Foes#Dire_Foes_Mission_Pack
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