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  • ...NeoColonial Wars on the Acontecimento and Paradiso fronts. Therefore, this military force is also assigned to combat operations in jungle environments all over === Military Orders ===
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  • ...form a core of experienced veterans who, as men at arms expert in various military specialties, reinforce the Order’s line troops. In the operative organiza *[[Military Orders]] only
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  • The Father-Officers of the different PanOceanic Military Orders (Hospitallers, Teutons, Knights of Santiago, of the Holy Sepulchre, Montesa ...rently the Seraphs are the most visible element of any attack force of any Military Order, always on the front line of battle discharging the fury of God throu
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  • ...e of key strategic positions and interdiction operations. In combat, their orders usually take them to the most dangerous positions in the most violent missi
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  • The Celestial Guard are the units which guard the celestial emperor’s capital, especially the Forbidden Cit ...of the Imperial Service. When participating in military action it receives orders directly from the Emperor, although these must be confirmed by the State’
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  • ...the night, the ones who stalk and kill in silence. These long-range recon units receive their training at the Kazak Spetsnaz Shkola. ...the other nations of the Human Sphere on Ariadnan soil. However, when the orders are to play rough, they carry out covert reconnaissance, acquisition and de
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  • ...aa Trident utilizes the single thousands to denominate its special-purpose units, but some numerologically powerful figures can, when they occur in consonan ...of penal regiments in which the criminal and dishonorable elements of the military could still serve a purpose to the society they had so failed. Ideally, the
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  • ALEPH has at its disposal military biosynthetic bodies specifically designed to host Aspects, or partial repre ...en they enter action they are serene, dispassionate and very fast, obeying orders with coldly logical precision. Independent of scenario or circumstance, a D
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