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  • ...force that joins the best troops of the Haqqislamite Army with corsair and mercenary operatives. === Warband ===
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  • ...g-Warrior of Fortune, the fiercest private contractor you will find in the mercenary market. Now he is trapped in his Dog-Warrior shape, unable to return to his ...ime with Fahesh, he resigned. Now Tearlach Dearg McMurrough is a freelance mercenary that roams freely about, offering his skills to the highest bidder.
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  • ...ed to live the life of adventure he was born for. The life of an outlaw, a mercenary duelist, a life on the alert, on the lam, in constant danger. An aimless ru {{Profile|Miyamoto Mushashi|Warband|Non-Impetuous|Irregular|Cube|6-4|25|9|14|15|1|3|1|2|Martial Arts L5, Dual W
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  • ...have had to hide himself under the name of Yojimbo, starting a career as a mercenary sword, with alcohol and women as his only source of satisfaction. ...take jobs he would prefer never to accept, too dirty or dangerous for any mercenary, but that he must solve with the blade of his katana or his particular bran
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  • ...rity service to the military company market. This team operates as a small mercenary company that works as riot control. Bayram Security‚Äôs fee is not cheap, b === Warband ===
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