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  • [[File:Haqqislam - Main Logo - -N3- -Vyo-.png|thumb|200px]] ...ure. Biosanitary Science and Earthformation are the two major strengths of Haqqislam, which includes the best schools of medecine and planetology in the Human S
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  • ...d that she represents the [[VIP Executive]] model that is available in the Haqqislam/PanOceania [[Dire Foes]] box - Flee or Die. A very handy model to have as she can proxy for many other units in the faction.
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  • The Asawira Regiment is a formidable attack force in the service of Haqqislam. A small group chosen from among them comprises the personal guard of the S ...blood. Their skill as warriors cannot be compared with that of other elite units because they are, simply, superior to all of them. The word is that an Asaw
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  • ...the long history of military campaigns at the service of both the Sha and Haqqislam. [[File:Haqqislam - Daylami Infantry - -N3- -Vyo-.png|200px]]
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  • ...ed and prepared just enough to be able to be part of the Ghazi Muttawi´ah units. Their equipment is comprised of a trusty Chain Rifle and an E/Marat, a pow mission, they will be restored in the future as heroes and exemplars of Haqqislam.
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  • ...crush the enemy against the anvil made up of smaller heavy or specialists units. Haqqislam, with fewer resources than PanOceania or Yu Jing, always adopts strategies
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  • Hunzakuts are members of infiltration units with a specialization in mountainous terrain. They are experts in alpinism, [[File:Haqqislam - Hunzakuts - -N3- -Vyo-.png|200px]]
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  • ...ns and ruling his semi-independent region without great riches or military units but with great willpower.
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  •, these vicious fighters dash into close range to destroy the enemies of Haqqislam. They uphold the age-old Kyrgyz response to the challenges of their enemies [[File:Haqqislam - Kum Motorized Troops - -N3- -Vyo-.png|200px]]
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  • ...ard has been able to gather the funds to replace its old Artefaktech XPR-1 units, manufactured under license in Bourak with the codename Bokböceği (Turkis ...tting-edge anti-ballistic defence system. Due to the scarcity of available units, High Command prefers not to risk them needlessly; Haqqislamite strategy bo
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  • They are also responsible for the repairs to the mechanized and armoured units. [[File:Haqqislam - Najjarun Engineer - -N3- -Vyo-.png|200px]]
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  • ...knowledge of modern strategy, including detailed data on all the military units of the Sphere. ...with alien forces on Paradiso, the usage of mixed formations comprised of units from different powers is more frequent every day. This is required by the c
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  • ...ction or sectorial logos with rarer patches depicting logos for individual units, non-military organisations, status markers or commemorative designs. [[Haqqislam Patches]]
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