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  • ...n ideal candidate to act as a buffer in front of the might of the Combined Army. === Light Infantry ===
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  • | title = [[Combined Army]] Units | group1 = Light Infantry
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  • [[File:Combined Army - Main Logo - -N3- -Vyo-.png|thumb|200px]] ...managed to form a bridgehead in the heart of the Human Sphere. A Combined Army of alien races, united beneath the dominance of an Evolved Intelligence, an
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  • ...uà Miàn Systems and obtained another overwhelming victory for the Combined Army. It was a victory that cemented the Yu Jing High Command’s belief that th generally not used for Combined Army operations
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  • ...ALEPH, the Sphere is a playground, the puppet theater to direct, a simple medium for its one and only purpose, which is an advancement of ALEPH itself.<ref> ...short, that was created to fight against the alien threat of the combined army, but also to persecute all of those who dare to create other artificial int
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  • ...Tigress. Seriously wounded, she was captured by the troops of the Combined Army, who placed her directly into the hands of the EI. Unconfirmed reports say ...front, this courageous woman would fall before the forces of the Combined Army, sacrificing herself to save the rest of her squad. She was left for dead,
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  • .... Maakrep Trackers are always on duty. When not deployed with the Combined Army forces, they operate within Sygmaa Trihedron territory as an internal secur that the Combined Army would make
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  • Contact with the Combined Civilization forced some changes in the Morat Supremacy. Suddenly, it was n {{N4Profile|Rasyat Diplomatic Division|Elite Troop|Medium Infantry|Not Imeptuous|Regular|Cube|4-4|21|12|13|13|2|0|1|2|Martial Arts L2, Natural
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  • {{N4Profile|Skiávoros|Headquarters Troop|Medium Infantry|Not Imeptuous|Regular|No Cube|4-4|18|13|12|16|3|3|1|2|Courage, Immunity(Sho {{Profile|Skiávoros|Medium Infantry|Non-Impetuous|Regular|None|4-2|17|13|12|16|3|3|1|str|spec, CH: Mimetism, G:
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  • ...ey were old enough to leave their father’s home, they both enlisted in the army, for fighting was what their father had taught them, and fighting is what t ...igate on which her sister served, was attacked and boarded by the Combined Army. Though the attack was repelled, the crew suffered many casualties and due
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  • '''Profile:''' How to hold at bay an unstoppable force like the Combined Army? Only by dint of that pragmatic intelligence which the military call ‘tac {{Profile|Taqeul Officers|Medium Infantry|Non-Impetuous|Regular|Cube|4-2|14|13|11|14|3|6|1|2|Symbiont Armor, Regenera
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  • ...s of today’s technology, Yu Jing has forged a solid economy and a powerful army to face a brilliant future. By force or by intrigue, Yu Jing is fated to be Corps can act fully integrated into the organizational structure of the army or as an independent intervention force. 
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  • The Yaogat Strike Infantry is an elite assault unit with the ability to execute commando-type operatio ...rilla operations, acting against partisan forces. In this role, the Strike Infantry has a well-deserved reputation for their indiscriminate behavior, unciviliz
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  • ...ofile|Rodok, Morat Armed Imposition Detachment|Spec. Trained Troop|Medium Infantry|Not Imeptuous|Regular|Cube|4-4|17|12|12|13|2|3|1|2|Mimetism(-3), Super-Jump {{Profile|Rodok|Medium Infantry|Non-Impetuous|Regular|Cube|4-2|15|12|12|13|2|3|1|2|Morat, CH: Mimetism, Sup
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  • ...en able to resist the unstoppable charge of the Combined Army if their own army, the Tohaa Trident, didn’t know how to evolve and adapt to the new threat {{Profile|Gao-Rael|Medium Infantry|Non-Impetuous|Regular|Cube|4-2|16|12|12|14|2|3|1|2|Symbiont Armor, Multispe
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  • {{N4Profile|Kornak Gazarot, Superior Warrior-Officer|Character|Medium Infantry|Non-Impetuous|Regular|Cube|4-4|22|14|13|14|3|9|1|2|Berserk, Dodge(+1"), Nat {{Profile|Kornak Gazarot|Medium Infantry|Frenzy|Regular|Cube|4-4|22|14|13|14|3|9|1|2|Morat, Strategos L1, V: No Woun
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  • A notable individual, oh yes… Raktorak Wadek served in the Vanguard Infantry and the Kurgat Regiment and was butler to Lord Marshal Zukrot. To speak the {{N4Profile|Raktorak, Morat Sergeant Major|Veteran Troop|Medium Infantry|Not Imeptuous|Regular|Cube|4-4|17|12|12|13|2|6|1|2|Number 2, Specialist Ope
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  • ...ined spirit and a clear purpose triumph. For this reason, the Haqqislamite army considers human beings to be its most effective strategic resource. The par how we experienced the loss of Ghezirah... and this is how the Combined Army will experience it when we reconquer it."''<br>--Sgt. Major L. Vandraoiy, Z
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  • === Caledonian Highlander Army === [[File:Ariadna - Sectorial - Caledonian Highlander Army v2 - -N3- -Vyo-.png|thumb|200px]]
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  • ...king for the Tohaa Trident who has gained access to a clandestine Combined Army network. And you aren’t that at all. The truth is, you are an undercover the Tohaa Trident, and tomorrow it might be the Combined
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  • ...ment, with the calmness and sardonic arrogance proper of a veteran officer combined with the tranquillity and security of one who knows many secrets, but his a ...e military operations served to cement his prestige within the StateEmpire Army.
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  • ...m, but the brutality of the Antipode Offensives would lead him to join the army, where he put everything his grandfather had taught him to good use. In his [ Published October 16, 2020]
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  • the opening of the Cerberus wormhole and the deployment of the Combined Army in Helheim, the Bureau requested the re-entry of Saladin into its ranks. At ...f Paradiso are so precarious and the level of threat posed by the Combined Army is so serious, that exceptional measures are required, even if that means a
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  • With the predations of the Combined Army also escalating, however, === Light Infantry ===
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