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Shona was one of those little girls who were enthralled by the resurgence of Mayafictions about swashbuckling that would eventually lead to the creation of Yajurveda, the combat show with synthetics that preceded Aristeia!. But like many others, Shona was convinced that you don’t need a synthetic body or an AI identity to achieve great deeds in combat, whether it’s the real thing or in an arena. So, she trained with every martial arts masters she could find on her home planet of Neoterra until she became a master herself and earned a reputation in the tournament circuit of the PanOceanian capital. As a master, Shona would specialize in both Mão nua (bare hands) and bladed weapons, although with a special preference for swords, her great passion since her childhood fascination with those Mayafictions. She also became one of the voices of the movement against the use of synthetics in Maya shows, defending combat between real humans as the purest form of martial arts understood as a sport and as a spectacle.

However Shona is a woman of action rather than words, and she felt it was necessary to do something about this, something really spectacular that would change the opinions of both the public and the Mayachannel execs. Moreover, Shona knew that a gesture would not be enough, that a symbol was also needed, something that would draw the viewers' attention. Thus, she first ventured in search of a very special weapon, a sword whose history and reputation was the stuff of legend, and one that was hidden deep in the Caledonian wilderness. Although this search was already quite an adventure that she barely escaped alive, it was only the first part of her plan. The second part was to storm into a Yajurveda broadcast, taking on all the synthetic fighters on the show in an epic melee that became legendary, and which would end with her raising her sword victoriously while standing on a pile of synthetic bodies. It was a truly iconic image that’s now part of the history of Aristeia! and of Maya.

This stunt was the coup de grâce for Yajurveda. The audience cheered Shona's performance, replayed over and over again in the comlogs of every spectator of the Human Sphere. Nobody wanted synthetic fighters anymore, and so Yajurveda would become Aristeia! with Shona as its first major player. But a natural-born fighter like her didn’t know how to cope with the star-system part of show business. So, after several seasons, sick of always ending up on top but never becoming the champion for not sticking to showbiz rules, she decided to leave the competition. However, for her, quitting the competition didn’t mean dropping the sword—far from it. After leaving Aristeia! Carano focused on her career as a weapons master, teaching occasional master classes for Bureau Aegis and becoming the instructor for the Aquila Guard, the elite of Neoterra's troops.

After a brief return to the HexaDome thanks to Final Boss (which consolidated her reputation as an unstoppable and lethal fighter who never made any compromises with show-business conventions) Shona would sign a contract with TransEtherea to travel the Sphere in one of their Circulars as head of security. Hers was supposed to be a purely representative role, but a particularly vicious boarding by an alliance of several Yuan Yuan pirate gangs would force her to take a more active role and wield her sword to defend the passengers. These pirates' brutality would leave a deep mark on Shona, who developed a special hatred for them. Months later, this raw hatred would lead to a disagreement with a particularly fat Yuan Yuan that would escalate into a brawl marked by mindless violence and damage to property, a story too long and shameful to be told here. This was followed by the detection of a cell of the techno-terrorist group Equinox, a gang war between several Submondo factions, and a raid by Sygmaa operatives posing as Tohaa troops. It was a journey in which Shona's blade spent little time in its sheath and one that would attract the attention of officers from O-12's Starmada. But Shona, who already had a taste for real action, preferred to remain a free agent. Thus, when PanOceania wanted the surviving Father-Knights to be even more dangerous in close combat to become the new Knights of Justice, her name came up.

In this way Shona Carano has become a special instructor who sometimes takes part in combat actions, balancing this with her tasks as Starmada’s head of security, which always requires reinforcements. And there’s no doubt that she is a superb asset, especially for boarding and counter-boarding actions, where her talent and her steel really shine. Shona knows that any fight will end in only one way: with just a single combatant left standing. This is why that image of Shona standing on a pile of bodies, which became so famous in Maya, is repeated over and over again in every confrontation she’s involved in. Because for this die-hard and relentless duelist, there’s no other possibility but to be the last one standing.

Published May 7, 2021



Introduced in N4. No profile in prior editions.






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2020 Limited Edition. Intended to be a Gen Con 2020 event exclusive, but made available for general purchase for a limited time due to the cancellation of Gen Con 2020 (COVID-19 pandemic).



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Originally submitted by James Ho.