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Scylla (Classical Greek: Σκύλλα, Skylla). Various Greek myths differ in the telling of the origins of Scylla, but at their core they refer to a beautiful naiad who, because of a curse, turned into a sea monster. Traditionally, it was said that Scylla lived in one of the margins of the Messina Strait, which separates Italy from Sicily, while on the other side was Charybdis, another sea monster; consequently, it was impossible to cross the Strait without dealing with one or the other. However, the writer Ovid also tells the story of a princess named Scylla, daughter of Niso, King of Megara. Notes from Thamyris, the Aoidos for the Information Service of the S.S.S.: Scylla is a beauty and she knows well how to use it to manipulate you. Watch out or she will play you at her whim and you will end up no more than a puppet in her hands. If you ask about her name she will tell you that it is after some Princess of antiquity. Never mind that; she bears the name of that beauty who was turned into a sea monster. Or do you think it's a coincidence that her Devabot is called Charybdis? If one doesn’t get you, you will fall into the clutches of the other. In any case, you are done." Scylla has the thin, fibrous build of a dancer and the lethal reputation of a cobra. No one dares to disparage her because not only is she a true warrior of the Steel Phalanx, she is also one of the best tactical Hackers of the Argyraspides, the Double-A unit of the Assault Sub-Section, making her twice the threat."

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