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The Infinity: Defiance scenery pack, available as part of certain pledge levels or as an add-on, replaces certain tokens from the core game with miniatures.

Defiance scenery packaging 01.jpg

Prototype render of scenery pack. Final, production packaging is taller and rectangular.


The Scenery Pack was originally going to contain the following, but was later upgraded to include some additional items.

25 PVC scenery pieces:

  • 5x Simple doors
  • 5x Double doors
  • 4x Consoles
  • 3x Boxes (upgraded to 4)
  • 3x Breachs (upgraded to 4)
  • 3x Towers
  • 2x Corpses (upgraded to 4)

Initial contents:

Defiance scenery pack initial contents.jpg

Final contents:

Defiance scenery pack final contents.jpg


Defiance Terrain 01 - Simple Doors.jpg

Defiance Terrain 02 - Double Doors.jpg

Defiance Terrain 03 - Consoles.jpg

Defiance Terrain 04 - Turrets.jpg

Defiance Terrain 05 - Boxes.jpg

Defiance Terrain 06 - corpse markers.jpg

Defiance Terrain 07 - Taigha Creature Breaches.jpg