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In the militarized Morat society, it's inconceivable that essential services such as the fire department, forestry services, emergency and rescue services, and civil protection services wouldn't be part of their military structure, which they consider perfection. Even services not part of the Morat military are staffed only with military veterans. However, the Rindak Emergency Brigade is unique, as it was created during the Knife Renaissance in the Buklenad Sovereignty, when it was named the Navy Arsenal Emergency Brigade. Its mission was to act both as a fire department, in case there was a fire in the Navy's shipyards and ammunition depots, and as mobile reinforcements if these facilities were attacked.

Due to the Rindak's skill and experience, demonstrated on numerous occasions such as the fire at the military port of Jolarad, they were also tasked with safeguarding the city where the arsenal under their care was located, and thus they became the main city emergency service. However, it was their outstanding performance during the earthquake that devastated the coastal city of Turenod that caused their operational role to shift to that of a rescue and rapid emergency response service, both for civilian and military emergencies. During that tragic event, the Rindak served bravely as a fire brigade and rescue service, in addition to preventing criminal gangs from taking control of the city during the ensuing chaos. But it was the courage and commitment shown by these brave Morat in fighting off a military incursion by the Avernet Reign, a neighboring nation, that drew the attention of Vice Admiral Borik. The Rindak prevented an elite Avernet squad from obtaining secrets stored in the armory's archives, falling upon them like wild demons used to operating amidst the thickest smoke and fiercest fire.

Vice Admiral Borik, one of the most powerful figures in the Buklenad Sovereignty, was a seasoned soldier who knew how quickly the odds could turn in any battle, and that having a force capable of reacting when the situation reached a critical level was extremely valuable. Therefore, this officer removed the Rindak from the Navy's armories, and ordered the creation of Rindak brigades in all major strategic locations of the Buklenad Sovereignty. This ordinance resulted in their involvement in multiple types of actions where they excelled, and the unit's prestige increased both among civilians and in the army. The Rindak became so valued that the brigade endured throughout the different Morat eras, and was kept in active duty by each of the regimes that preceded the foundation of the Morat Supremacy.

However, from the moment the Supremacy began expanding across the stars, the Rindak's mission became more and more demanding. The skills of an ordinary Morat were not enough to meet the impossible objectives of the increasingly critical missions they were tasked with. So, the Rindak began developing body enhancements that would allow them to perform at the top level that their operational role required. For this brigade, effectiveness is everything, so cybernetics turned out to be a more viable option due to their higher resistance and simpler maintenance than mere biomodifications. Consequently, these operatives transformed into true cyborgs whose appearance only adds to their legend.

Massive and brutal, they're not what their enemies expect to encounter when they hear the label "emergency brigade" much to their dismay, of course. They may not be the kind of guardian angel one might expect, but they are the only ones who can save your bacon when you have lost all hope. Everyone admires and respects the Rindak, as this is one of the units with the largest number of veterans in active duty, since their cybernetic upgrades are often there to fix mutilations or serious iniuries that would have put anyone else out of service, but never them. The Rindak's commitment is absolute, for they are called to duty whenever civilian lives or their fellow soldiers are in danger, when the interests of the Supremacy are at stake, or simply whenever the High Command needs someone to save the day, and that someone will be the Rindak.



ISC: Rindak Emergency Brigade Spec. Trained Troop Heavy Infantry
Fury: Not Imeptuous Training: Regular Back-Up: Cube
6-2 16 12 13 13 3 3 1 2
Skills and Equipment: MediKit(+1B), Dodge(+3), Dodge(-3), Dodge(+1"), Immunity(Critical), Immunity(Shock), Sensor, No Wound Incapacitation, Climbing Plus, Religious Troop, Veteran
Loadout Special Skills Weapons and Equipment Melee Weapons Points SWC
1 Paramedic Submachine Gun, Flash Pulse(+1B) Heavy Pistol, PARA CC Weapon 27 0
2 Paramedic, Forward Deployment(+8") Boarding Shotgun, Blitzen(+1B) Heavy Pistol, PARA CC Weapon 35 0
3 Paramedic, Forward Deployment(+8") MULTI Rifle(+1B), Blitzen Heavy Pistol, PARA CC Weapon 37 0
4 Paramedic, Forward Deployment(+8") Submachine Gun, Flash Pulse(+1B) Heavy Pistol, PARA CC Weapon 31 0

Note: Introduced in N4. No profile in N3 or previous editions.


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