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REM Racers

REMRacers is a board game by Corvus Belli. Players take control of REMRacers and engage in a race! T Players use movement templates to determine movement, and use cards drawn from a deck to determine damage and special weapons and items to attack opponents.


Charles W. McQueen
The only place Charles W. McQueen ever allows himself to finish last is in an interview, and you can be sure he'll do so while wiping away a trickle of blood from a broken lip or with a bruised eye. Although this young punk with a heart of gold is far from being the bad boy of the tracks, he's always ready to help any pilot in need.

Noor Zoobi

There is a perpetual queue at Noor Zoubi's box. The press stands guard in front of it almost continuously, and she always has a bright smile and affectionate words for her fans. She's the youngest competitor and it shows: the walls of her cockpit are filled with dedications from all REM Racers competitors who are or have been someone in the racing world. "I'm a fan... of everyone.”

Although you may find Otto's body in his cockpit, it's most likely that his mind won't be there, but rather aboard 808 (BOB). Then, you'll have to face one of his two automated routines: either the drowsy and uncommunicative one he runs while training or the contemplative and assertive one he displays during competitions. Whether one or the other, both are quite unsettling.

If Krisztina Yagami invites you to tea with pastries in her box, refusing the offer is not an option. You'll find no other place as comfortable. Not a single element of her space will be out of place; you'll enjoy a space in perfect harmony, and she will go to great lengths to ensure the shared time is perfect. That is precisely her philosophy on the track: perfection, both in planning and execution, as well as in results.

Agnes Ferreira
Entering Agnes Ferreira's box before a race is like sticking your head into the cabin of a rescue aircraft ready for combat just before it takes off. Her procedure is a military pilot's standard: a methodical check of the piloting and safety systems, a sudden sequence of orders to the mechanics, and a reassuring smile for her passengers.

If you want to see what video games were like two centuries ago, just take a look at the holos in Olga Stolyarova's pilot box. There, you'll find a plethora of archaic consoles from the early 21st century wired to state-of-the-art Nomad technology, all in the pursuit of training skill, hand-eye coordination, and piloting instincts. Of course, just as it as in those retro games: with no support or aid whatsoever.

The press loves few things more than getting into an athlete's inner sanctum, but in the case of Dalle "Gas" Gaseel, getting access to his is a journey to another world. A world where a ceiling of bubbling black slime regurgitates a naked humanoid, confused and embarrassed, barely covering parts of his body. Thinking you've arrived at a bad time, the embarrassment transfers to your own face in the form of an extreme blushing... and then the individual bursts into laughter, offering you a seat. That's "Gas," both a real and metaphorical alien.

"Joko" Acosta, the first pilot and founder of Lightspeed Racing team, always held press conferences with his driving helmet on. Since then, no Lightspeed pilot has ever revealed their features, and each one is known only by a nickname. The current champion, Photon, is on a fast track to surpassing all the records of the distinguished founder of his team.

Xiu Zhihang
Xiu Zhihang will rush in with her entourage, quickly catching up on your visit to the box and indicating that she has only six minutes to leave for the annual fundraising event for orphans in Paradiso. Nevertheless, she'll have a genuine smile for you, share friendly gossip about a fellow racer, and remind you of the last time you crossed paths at an event. Any question about her retirement will always receive the same reply: "Soon.”


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