Qiang Gao

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Qiang Gāo always leads with a gun in his hand, fighting shoulder to shoulder with those under his command. The overwhelming superiority of his weaponry and armor is the edge that his troops need to achieve their objectives.

“We fight together, we win together.”



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Qiang Gao Dossier 01.png

Defiance - Qiang Gao - Render.png

Current Miniatures

Infinity the Game

None at this time.

Infinity: Defiance

Standard version.

Defiance - Qiang Gao - Painted.png

Defiance Qiang Gao 01.jpg
Originally submitted by Cervantes3773

Alternate version.

Defiance - Alt Qiang Gao - Render.png

Defiance Qiang Gao 02 - Alt.jpg
Originally submitted by Cervantes3773

Out of Production Miniatures

None at this time.

Limited Edition

None at this time, though his Defiance models are not available through retail.