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To protect the Human Sphere, intelligence is a necessity: namely, what is cooking and who is cooking it. Hence the need for O-12 to have an intelligence service.

And hence the existence of the Psi Unit, the intelligence branch of Bureau Aegis, an agency dedicated to collecting data for both prosecutors and judges of Section Statera and for SWORDFOR agents. Hundreds of analysts and intelligence trackers collect and classify all kinds of data that may be vital for fighting crime and preserving the political-economic balance of the Sphere. However even today, in a quantronic society where everything can be found in the datasphere, it’s necessary to have ground agents searching recycling dumpsters, the secret compartments of desk drawers, or inside a safe.

Of course, these tasks are better done discreetly, as they are usually illegal. But even if evidence obtained unlawfully isn’t admissible in court, it can still lead to gathering lawful evidence that puts a criminal in jail or placing a surveillance alert on any person or organization that may be dangerous to the balance of the Sphere.

These are the kind of delicate tasks that cannot be entrusted to just anyone and for which the Psi Unit has agents whose codename is simply COps, an acronym for Covert Operatives, a generic term for direct-action, low-profile assets used in intelligence operations. This is the kind of highly versatile operative who is capable of many things, even killing if necessary, and always gets the job done.

They’re the kind of agents who never question their orders because they trust the ideals of the Psi Unit, the epitome of such, since being a branch of Bureau Aegis its task is to act on behalf of the common good, of all the citizens of the Sphere, which includes their enemies. Hence their unofficial motto: “For your own good,” even if some of them cannot help but sound a little sarcastic when quoting it.[1][2]


Gathering intelligence typically means data analysis, but the Psi Unit does have covert agents whose job it is to gather intel the old-fashioned way, by hand. Covert operatives regularly engage with agents from other international agencies as the secretive dance for intel plays out in the shadows and alley ways of the Human Sphere.




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