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In the Observance, all those who have failed in their duty, or in their devotion and commitment to the Holy Virgin Saint Mary of the Knife, or to the Observance and its mission, must become a metanoon, or penitent, in order to cleanse their transgressions. All those who have committed major offenses but have outstanding tactical skills or show some potential are consecrated as Penitent Observants, after overcoming and enduring a training period that makes them ready to work with the RRU Stampfer. These Observants operate in a trance-like state, with all their senses focused on their mission so that nothing can distract them from it. For them, pain is the way to enlightenment and victory.[1]

Those that do leave role of Metanoon are known to have close relations with the Infirmarers of Saint Lazarus. In fact, there are rumors that the relationship between those placed in the role of Penitent and the Infirmarers is more intimate than either of their parent organizations would normally permit.

Penitents seem to - to the surprise of many - 'enjoy' the work, or at least, do not seem in an hurry to simply wander into combat and die. They move with incredible grace, able to use onboard computational systems to predict incoming fire and "move between the bullets." The heavy armor also allows the Penitent to wield medium weaponry; heavy rifles like a Red Fury, or specialized attack weapons like a Spitfire. They also carry a heavy blade, primarily as a ceremonial tool but also as a practical one - a kill with it can provide instant release and promotion out of the Penitents. The Stampfer suit itself is networked but not designed for combat use (primarily) and, being mostly an industrial exoskeleton, is more difficult to target with cyberwarfare attacks.



ISC: Penitent Observants Veteran Troop Heavy Infantry
Fury: Not Imeptuous Training: Regular Back-Up: Cube
4-4 18 13 13 13 5 3 2 5
Skills and Equipment: ECM: Hacker (-3), Mimetism (-3), Immunity (Shock), Religious Troop
Loadout Special Skills Weapons and Equipment Melee Weapons Points SWC
1* Ref Fury, E/Marat Pistol, CC Weapon 37 1.5
2* Ref Fury, E/M Grenade Launcher Pistol, CC Weapon 41 1.5
3* AP Spitfire Pistol, CC Weapon 40 1.5
  • Bakunin only

[H-S]: Introduced in N4 with the Bakunin Observance Action pack (2023).


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