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Everything is doomed to become obsolete, both sentient beings and inanimate objects, intelligent creatures as well as the lower animals. This is what happened to the dinosaurs, the Neanderthals, the gramophone, and to hundreds of thousands of products invented by humans. So why would Parvati think it would be any different with her? Well, maybe because she is a natural-born survivor. If there is one thing that characterizes her, it’s her ability to adapt. Her life and her career began in Yajurveda, the predecessor of Aristeia!

She was merely one of the many artificial fighters filling the arenas of that bloodless spectacle, where no organic being’s life was in danger. When the audience realized that everything was more exciting with real humans, bringing forth those homicidal instincts so typical of them, and with the prospect of real on-the-spot death, Yajurveda and all its fighters were doomed to oblivion—though not really all of them. Parvati knew how to market herself as the representative of ALEPH and of all her fellow Aspects at the service of the AI and of humankind. She would become the biosynthetic and artificial counterpoint to human fighters, and she would act as part of the public relations machinery of the Administration for the Institutional Image of the Special Situations Section of ALEPH. She was given a support role to assist her team members, becoming a protective mother for them. Her role was to be discreet, a resemblance of what ALEPH and its Aspects represent in Sphere society, since they are always there to help us, but in the background, without stealing humanity’s spotlight.

However, Parvati was able to go one step further and become a star of Aristeia!, perhaps not one of the brightest, but always in the Top 10 of the international ranking. In her role as a support player, she was invaluable and all the big teams wanted her, so she was always in all the photos. The media kept praising her contribution to the victories of the winning teams, so her fan base never waned. Furthermore, her fans loved the fact that her physical appearance changed radically from one season to the next, thanks to the endless supply of biosynthetic bodies provided by the SSS.

However, as brilliant as she was, her supporting role made her more susceptible to burnout, as new fighters appeared in the HexaDome each passing day, younger and more in tune with new audience profiles. Thus, after almost ten years at the top, Parvati began to experience a gradual decline in her popularity. Faced with the prospect of a slow and agonizing career death, seeing that she was getting fewer and fewer contracts in the big leagues, she accepted the proposal that her managers in the Administration for the Institutional Image made to her: signing a contract with TransEtherea for a series of fights in the Circle League, the HexaDome circuit of the Circulars. The Circle League is the classic closed league full of has-beens and underdogs often referred to as “The Scrapheap.” But despite the cruelty of this moniker, this league is just as lucrative and promotionally attractive, as it’s one of the great amusements for escaping the monotony of space travel. Thus a Circular’s HexaDome is packed for every combat, both physically and virtually.

Thinking of it as a break in her career that would allow her to come back stronger in the future, Parvati signed and packed her things. However, just before boarding a top priority call summoned her to a high-encryption virtual meeting room. As her body went through the boarding terminal in autonomous activity mode, her mind met a High Functionary of the SSS, whose name was automatically erased from her memory after checking his credentials.

On behalf of ALEPH, this Aspect informed her that her contract was merely a cover for a secret joint operation between the SSS Operations Subsection and Bureau Aegis. Intelligence reports pointed to the very real threat of Shasvastii infiltrating the network of Circulars, which they would use as a means to smuggle their operatives and resources into the Human Sphere. Considering the likelihood that an overt action would cause the ISC: PARVATI, CIRCLE LEAGUE STAR Shasvastii to go into hiding or flee before their entire network was dismantled—and that this information could unleash panic among the citizens of the Sphere—an undercover intervention was favored. Parvati accepted immediately; after that incident in Aristeia!, she was fully aware of the true dimension of the Shasvastii infiltration threat.

Her role in this operation would be to act as a high-level tactical reinforcement with the same profile she had in Aristeia!, supporting Starmada’s security forces, as well as hunting down their enemies, with the Circulars as her new HexaDome. The only difference is that now every battle will always be life-or-death, but ALEPH’s tactical Aspects like her are very difficult to kill, so she is certain that it will be her opponents who will do all the dying. This doesn’t mean that real death is impossible—the whole Sphere still mourns the death of Odysseus—but a true star of Aristeia! is not afraid of a challenge. So, once again, standing before the abyss of obsolescence, Parvati has known to take risks, reinvent herself, and find a way to remain on the top, right where she can make a difference. And even though she works in the shadows now, she can still hear the crowds cheering her name and making it echo in the HexaDome and all over Maya. The only thing that troubles her and makes her feel a little uncomfortable is that the executable file the High Functionary asked her to save in her operating system. It’s an externally activated executable, whose purpose is unknown to her, with a security-access level above her own, and which she is incapable of talking to anyone about...[1]

A true Aristeia! star is not afraid of a challenge. So, once again, standing before the abyss of obsolescence, Parvati knows how to take risks, reinvent herself, and find a way to remain on the top, right where she can make a difference.[2]




She's indefatigably, maximally devoted to her team. If there is a limit to her capacity for self-improvement, we have yet to see a sign of it. She will heal, repair, assess, fight, and even score if necessary. Parvati performs all her roles so dependably that she's been a staple of the Interplanetary Aristeia! Team Managers Association's All-Star team for twenty years straight, and still going strong.


ISC: PARVATI, Circle League Star Light Infantry
Fury: Non-Impetuous Training: Regular Back-Up: No Cube
6-2 15 12 10 15 2 6 2 2
Skills and Equipment: Remote Presence, Courage, Immunity (Shock), Doctor (2W), Engineer (+3), Dodge (+3), Super-Jump
Name Skills and Equipment BS Weapons CC Weapons Points SWC
SMG Deactivator, GizmoKit, Medikit Submachine Gun (+1B), Flash Pulse Pistol, CCW 38 0

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Parvati 1.JPG

Parvati Alternate Skin "Victorian Automata"

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Current Miniatures

Infinity: the Game

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Aristiea: the Game

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Alternate Skins

Parvati "Victorian Automata"

"Parvati’s style changes every season. In the Core Box her design is retro; it is the overhaul of the one she wore twenty-five years ago, at her debut in Aristeia!"

Parvati has been in Aristeia! since the beginning of the show. She is programmed to protect her teammates, and with every year of experience she has specialized to become an irreplaceable element in the HexaDome for many sponsors. Even though Parvati is very effective at healing her teammates in combat, she is also good when it comes to scoring, killing, or most of all giving someone an extra chance when it is needed.

Source [| Aristeia The Game Website]

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Out of Print Miniatures

None at this time.

Limited Edition

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Included in the ITS Season 12: Breakdown and AGL: Parvati Edition.

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