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PanOceania - Main Logo - -N3- -Vyo-.png

PanOceania is the number one, the greatest power in the Human Sphere. It has the most planets, the healthiest economy and the most advanced technology.

PanOceania is a true melting pot of cultures that, with their pragmatic and generous character, consider themselves the defenders of the Western traditions of democracy and welfare. PanOceanians are a proud people who might come across as slightly conceited with their constant reminders of the technological superiority of their society, and particularly their army.

Shock Army of Acontecimento

PanOceania - Sectorial - Shock Army of Acontecimento - -N3- -Vyo-.png

The Shock Army of Acontecimento reflects the vigorous character of this industrial planet’s working population. The troops of Acontecimento are used to winning tactical superiority through sweat and hard work, and to fighting in the stifling thickness of jungles.

This army is a specialized assault force, involved in extremely violent operations against enemy positions, which sometimes develop into close range combat. The operations of the Shock Army are characterized by their dynamic and aggressive tactics. They put out a constant, overwhelming barrage of lethal fire that will not stop until any threat is eliminated and the target conquered. The Shock Army has some of the best PanOceanian troops, specialized in jungle combat and survival techniques, with an outstanding record during the NeoColonial Wars on the Acontecimento and Paradiso fronts. Therefore, this military force is also assigned to combat operations in jungle environments all over the Sphere.

Military Orders

PanOceania - Sectorial - Military Orders - -N3- -Vyo-.png

The Military Orders, religious groups of military character, were a phenomenon of the Middle Ages that has surprisingly resurfaced in the present time with a force comparable to that of its heyday.

Bringing additional military strength to the PanOceanian Military Complex and subject to PanOceanian High Command, they have some freedom of military action, which gives the Church greater influence than any other religious organization in PanOceania. But whether working for their country or for the church, members of the Military Orders will complete their duties with great zeal, undeterred before any enemy.


PanOceania - Sectorial - Neoterran Capitaline Army v2 - -N3- -Vyo-.png

The Neoterran Capitaline Army is the strongest and most technified force of PanOceania, its foremost defensive and offensive element. It is said that the Neoterran Army is the shield and the sword of the Hyperpower.

Varuna Immediate Action Division



Varuna is the oceanic planet, an idyllic paradise, the dream destination for any PanOceanian, with hundreds of islands and beaches, but it is also the scene of planetary storms that can strike anywhere, criss-crossing it from one place to another.

This planet, which has been defined as having the highest standard of living in the entire Sphere, is also the headquarters and training ground of the hardest military force in all of PanOceania: the Immediate Reaction Division. Because of its operational profile as a special operations force, this force has been nicknamed “The Snake Eaters”, and its main mission is to be the first to face any threat against the Hyperpower or its interests.

Svarlheima's Winter Force

Svalarheima WinterFor logo 01.png


Many people believe that the name of the Winter Force of Svalarheima, or just WinterFor, stems from the fact that this planet is in the grip of a never-ending winter. However, this is not entirely true. It may not seem like it, but Svalarheima does have seasons, even a summer, which is everyone’s favorite season. The big difference between them is the intensity of the deadly cold. In summer, the low temperatures can kill you; in winter, the cold will not only kill you, but also ruin your Cube and doom you to a True Death.

The Winter Force of Svalarheima is named so because it is ready and eager to fight in the deadliest of winters, which is more dangerous than any enemy. A force which, as they say, was born in winter, grew and learned in winter, and now winter belongs to it.

Faction Units

Light Infantry

Acontecimento Regular


Croadjutor Crosiers, Military Order Infantry

Fusilier Indigo Bipandra

Echo-Bravo, Rapid Reaction Unit

Flight Officer Agnes Ferreira


Fusilier Indigo Richard Quinn

Helot Militia

Hexas, Strategic Security Division

Indigo Spec-Ops

Kamau Amphibian Intervention Teams

Karhu Special Team

Indigo Brother Konstantinos


Military Order Knight Commander

Nøkken, Special Recon and Intervention Team

Order/Specialist Sergeant


Trauma Doc

Zulu Cobra

Medium Infantry


Bagh Mari

PanOceanian Black Friars

Crusader Brethren

Gunnar Lundmark, Troll-Hunter

Infirmarers of Saint Lazarus

Kirpal Singh

Lieutenant Stephen Rao

Neoterra Bolt


Uma Sørensen, Indigo Spec-Ops Captain

Vargar Maximum Security Team

Heavy Infantry

Aquila Guard

Bøyg Soldiers

Father Knight

Gabriele de Fersen

Guarda de Assalto

Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc 2.0

Holy Order of Hospitaller Knights of Saint John of Skovorodino

Knights of Justice of Military Order

Sacred Military Order of Knights of Santiago

Equestrian Order of Knights of the Holy Sepulchre

Motorized Knight of Montesa

Orc Troop

Patsy Garnett

Padre-Inquisidor Mendoza

Swiss Guard

Sacred Military Order of Teutonic Knights




Trinitarian Tertiaries ( Military Orders only)


Armbot Bulleteer

Armbot Peacemaker


Dronbot (Includes Pathfinder, Sierra, Clipper, and Fugazi)







Squalo, Armored Cavalry




Knight of Montesa

Magister Knight

Toni Macayana



List of Military Orders Units.

List of Neoterra Units.

List of Shock Army of Acontecimento Units.