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== Dossiers ==
== Dossiers ==
[[File:Nyoka Dossier 02.jpg|800px]]

[[File:Nyoka Dossier 01.PNG|800px]]
[[File:Nyoka Dossier 01.PNG|800px]]

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These soldiers have survived the hell on earth that was the Vifaru Wars and, after going through that horror they were partly to blame for, there is little that they haven’t seen already. Thus, the Nyoka troops have become the “worst situation unit.” They are Starmada’s elusive and deadly snakes, who will welcome and survive any mission assigned to them, such as supporting the Bronzes in their mutiny suppression operations.

Published March 26, 2021

First Appearance

Infinity N4, Core Book (2020)

Lore Sources

Infinity N4, Core Book (2020), p. 219 Corvus Belli Store




Nyoka Dossier 02.jpg

Nyoka Dossier 01.PNG

Nyoka, Bronze Render 01.jpg

Current Miniatures

Old Miniatures

Limited Edition