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== Code One Patches ==

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Status Patches (these are from early tournament packs and are very rare)

Alien Tech

Other Alien Tech.JPG


Status Camo.jpg


Status Infected.jpg


Status Mine.jpg

Paradiso Campaign Patches and Combat Groups

Dawn Mission


Black-C Combat Group


Green-A Combat Group


Red-K Combat Group

P RedK.jpg

Paradiso Naval Blockade

Note: Incorrectly includes Black-C Combat Group text.


Strikezone: Wotan Campaign c. May 2017

Official Advertisement

P Wotanadvert.jpg

Don Peyote

P Donpeyote.jpg

Shanqiang Light Frigate

P Frigate.jpg

Wotan Blockade

P Wotan.jpg

Buran Initiative (fan made)

P Buran.jpg

Kurage Crisis (Uprising) Campaign c. June 2018

Kurage Crisis Campaign Official Advertisement

P Kuragecrisisad.jpg


P Aplekton.jpg

Duban Prospection Site

P Duban.jpg

Flames of War

P Flames.jpg

Johnny-5 Node Base, Nomads

P Johnny.jpg

Kurage Station

P Kurage.jpg

Lafayette Forward Airfield, Ariadna

P Lafayette.jpg

PanOc-23 Dawn, Rise from the Ashes

P Panoc.jpg

Daedalus' Fall c. March 2019

Abyss Blockade

P Abyss.jpg

Acheron Blockade

P Acheron.jpg

Daybreak Jump Gate

P Paradiso2.jpg

Daedalus Jump Gate

P Daedalus.jpg

SCAF Maelstrom, Spiral Corps Freighter

P Maelstrom.jpg

Sheyk Jump Gate

P Sheyk.jpg

Asteroid Blues Campaign c. September 2019

P Asteroidbluesad.jpg

Liberty Cargo

P Liberty.jpg

Novyy Bangkok Asteroidal Colony

P Novyy.jpg

Jìyuán Unlimited

P Jiyuan.jpg

Daylight Boarding Team

P Daylight.jpg

Organizations, Companies, Corporations


P Accesstel.jpg

Beyhan Resources (Kaplan Tactical Services is one of their subsidiaries)

Other Beyhan2.jpg

Compass Transportation

P Compass.jpg


P Mototronica.jpg

Navajo Communications Outpost


Cosmica - Unofficial - Produced by Warsenal


Code One Patches

P CodeOne.jpg