Non-Faction Patches

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Status Patches

Alien Tech

Other Alien Tech.JPG


Status Camo.jpg


Status Infected.jpg


Status Mine.jpg

Paradiso Campaign Patches and Combat Groups

Dawn Mission

Other Dawn.jpg

Black-C Combat Group

Other BlackCCombatGroup.jpg

Green-A Combat Group

Other GreenACombatGroup.jpg

Red-K Combat Group

Other RedKCombatGroup.jpg

Paradiso Naval Blockade

Note: Incorrectly includes Black-C Combat Group text.

Other ParadisoNavalBlockade.jpg


Don Peyote

P Donpeyote.jpg

Shanqiang Light Frigate

P Frigate.jpg

Wotan Blockade

P Wotan.jpg

Buran Initiative (fan made)

P Buran.jpg

Uprising Campaign


P Aplekton.jpg

Dolly Dagger

P Dolly.jpg

Duban Prospection Site

P Duban.jpg

Flames of War

P Flames.jpg


P Hexahedron.jpg

Johnny-5 Node Base, Nomads

P Johnny.jpg

Kurage Station

P Kurage.jpg

Lafayette Forward Airfield, Ariadna

P Lafayette.jpg

PanOc-23 Dawn, Rise from the Ashes

P Panoc.jpg

Asteroid Blues Campaign

Abyss Blockade

P Abyss.jpg

Acheron Blockade

P Acheron.jpg

Daedalus Jump Gate

P Daedalus.jpg

SCAF Maelstrom, Spiral Corps Freighter

P Maelstrom.jpg

Sheyk Jump Gate

P Sheyk.jpg



P Accesstel.jpg

Beyhan (Mercenary Company)

Other Beyhan2.jpg

Compass Transportation

P Compass.jpg


P Mototronica.jpg

Navajo Communications Outpost

P Navajo.jpg

Cosmica - Unofficial - Produced by Warsenal

Tournament Cosmica.jpg

Liberty Cargo

P Liberty.jpg

Novyy Bangkok Asteroidal Colony

P Novyy.jpg

Jìyuán Unlimited

P Jiyuan.jpg

Daylight Boarding Team

P Daylight.jpg


Daedalus Jump Gate

Daedalus Jump Gate 01.jpg