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Having been described as Main Battle Creatures (MBC), Megalodrons are, because of their large size, more common in tactical-superiority scenarios than asymmetric warfare.

Notwithstanding, their thick armor, their unique resistance to damage, and their superior destructive power make them perfect for wiping out enemy resistance in the area of operations as well as their enemies’ morale. This is why Combined Army officers like to have at least one Megalodron in each battle group deployed in a theater of operations.

From Corvus Belli and the Defiance pledge manager


  • Megalodron PVC miniature.
  • Alternative end-of-campaign mission.
  • Megalodron enemy card.
  • 4x Initiative cards.

Additional Information

The Megalodron is Corvus Belli's largest model. While it has no official rules in Infinity: the Game, Corvus Belli provided unofficial rules and a special scenario here.


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Megalodron 01.jpg
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