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60% of all businesses with a Maya presence are PanOceania-owned, and 80% of all leisure channels on MAya are owned by PanOceania companies. It's a perfect escapism; incredible levels of realism and sensory integration, constant entertainment, and endless information.

List of Channels

  • Blitzlicht - Information for professional mercenaries.
  • Connectica - General information. Includes the program "Ultimate Gears" which focuses on TAGs.
  • Eye of Varuna - Varuna information.
  • Hocus-Pocus! Information on black ops. Staff - Annabel Nichols[1]
  • LiveFree - Streetfighting on Maya and Arachne.
  • NextStep - Future technology in PanO.
  • PsychoRama - Current issues.
  • Sip_sip_Gossip - Celebrity news.
  • Techné - Bureau Athena sponsored technology and news channel.
  • Zirconium - Hot takes and opinions. Staff include Sandra Vogue[2]
  • Tinghui - Yujingyu channel. Chinese for "hearing," hosts the 'HumanSphere' news analysis show, hosted by Shen Miu
  • Sabot! - Military channel. Shows include "Soldiers of God"
  • StarTsarChannel - Works alongside Sabot! sometimes
  • Spin, supposedly the fastest-growin channel. Features Alexia Bethancourt who writes about how great PanO is
  • Orakl, opinion and contemporary analysis. Hosts Monique Clouet[3]
  • CosmoMatrix, "We Link you to the Sphere!" News channel that features Scenes of Paradiso, micro-articles by Peter Drigenberg[4]

List of Arachne Channels

  • Tortuga Island, pirated onto Maya. Has "The One Eyed Man's Soapbox" which claims you can't trust anyone.[5]
  • BIBLIOTEK is the edgy news channel. Features Yuang Zhi, former party secret police agent.</ref>N4 p.147</ref>
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