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Limited Edition miniatures are those that have been deliberately only released in a fixed quantity or over a short duration. The vast majority of them are incentives for pre-ordering products, celebrations of events or conventions, or prizes in ITS tournaments.

Many of them have alternate sculpts, typically with head and arm swaps, which were made widely available and this is noted where appropriate.

Pre-Order Bonuses

Ever since Campaign: Paradiso, there has been a freebie miniature given away as a pre-order bonus for buying books and army boxes.

So far these have all been completely unique to their book and there have not been any alternate releases for any of these sculpts, so make sure to grab them when you can!

GoGo Marlene


Lim GoGo.jpg

Gogo Marlene (a stage-name, presumably?) was the first civilian (and first pre-order!) model released and was made available with Campaign Paradiso. Unfortunately her little robot doesn't have any of its own rules.

She is commonly fielded as a WarCorrespondant or HVT.

Availability: Campaign Paradiso (2012)

Miranda Ashcroft


Lim Miranda.jpg

Miranda came with the first (and to date, only) concept art book released for Infinity and has her own unique set of rules.

She is armed with a deadly monofilament sword and is a dangerous fighter, but is rarely fielded despite being available to many factions due to being Irregular.

Availability: Artbook One (2013)

Corporate Security Unit



The CSU came out with early purchases of Operation: Icestorm and has a unique, if seldom used, profile in the rulebook. It's hypothesised that she represents the VIP Executive model that is available in the Haqqislam/PanOceania Dire Foes box - Flee or Die.

Availability: Operation Icestorm (2014)

Authorized Bounty Hunter


Lim ABHShotgun.jpg

The above picture is missing the piece that attaches to the back of its head.

Lim ABHShotgun2.jpg

The Bounty Hunter which came with the 3rd edition rulebook represents a Booty roll of 'heavy armour' (+4 ARM).

He carries a PanOceanic Boarding Shotgun.

There are two versions of this miniature - one with the left arm attached and one with the left arm as a separate piece. The fin/piece that attaches to the back of the miniatures head is the same piece the Neoterra Bolts use.

Availability: N3 Rulebook (2014)

Joan of Arc


Lim Joan.jpg

Joan was released when Corvus Belli decided to create a new model to promote Angel's first painting book but this technically isn't a pre-order bonus as one came with every copy of the book. The original print run had 5,500 copies, but it's unclear how many were made for the second printing.

Due to her rather niche use (she's one of the few faction-specific limited models) and fairly widespread availability she's not particularly sought after.

Availability: Angel's Masterclass Volume 1 (2015)

Dismounted Maverick


Lim Maverick.jpg

The dismounted Maverick came free with all early purchases of the USAriadna army box. She's the same character as the mounted Maverick, albeit with a bandanna instead of a helmet.

A very handy model to have as she can proxy for many other units in the faction.

Availability: USAriadna Ranger Force army box (2015)

Druze Hacker


Lim DruzeHacker.jpg

The Druze Hacker is a great looking model and was included with pre-orders of Human Sphere N3. She's a popular choice for use as a Mercenary Wardriver in Ariadna or one of the ALIVE group and she carries a PanOceanic Combi Rifle.

Availability: Human Sphere N3 (2016)

Red Veil Yuan Yuan


Lim YuanYuan RedVeil.JPG

Released with Red Veil he also neatly continues the theme, started with the CSU, of adding in Mercenary models that can't actually be used with either of the vanilla factions...

It's worth noting that his 'wings' match those of the Bashi Bazouks.

Availability: Red Veil (2016)

Imperial Agent, Crane Rank


Released with Angel's second book. Unlike Joan, the Crane Agent was only shipped with pre-orders of the book.

Availability: Angel's Masterclass Volume 2 (2016)

O-Yoroi Pilot

Lim OYoroi Lux.jpg

Lim OYoroi 1.jpg

Luxumbra is a project to produce busts and 75mm miniatures based on Infinity. The O-Yoroi pilot is a 35mm version of the first 75mm miniature made. It was sculpted separately rather than being a scaled-down digital version.

Availability: Luxumbra Kickstarter[1] (2017)



Knauf is one of the main characters in the Outrage manga and received his own mini for the book's pre-release. He is equipped with a mixture of equipment, much of it from PanO troops.

Availability: Outrage manga (2017)

Authorized Bounty Hunter


Available with Preorders of the Beyond Icestorm set.

Availability: Beyond Icestorm (2017)

Corporate Security Unit


Available with Preorders of the Beyond Red Veil set.

Availability: Beyond Red Veil (2017)


LimBrawler 1.jpg

Available with Preorders of the Uprising book.

Availability: Uprising - 2018


Wardriver LE 01.jpg

Available with Preorders of Operation Coldfront

Availability: Operation Cold Front (2018)


Availability: Third Offensive preorder bonus (2018).

Kunai Solutions Mercenary Ninja

Availability: Operation: Kaldstrøm preorder bonus (2020).

Liang Kai

Availability: Free with purchase of the Adepticon Operation: Kaldstrøm bundle (2020). Also available for individual purchase for a brief time. Intended to be just for Adepticon, but extended due to COVID19.

Oktavia Grimmsdottir, Icebreaker Harpooner

Availability: Preorder bonus with N4 Rulebook (2020).

Wolfgang Amadeus Wolff

Availability: Free with purchase of the Operation: Crimson Stone (2021). Intended to be for Gen Con, but made generally available due to COVID19.

Dragon Lady HVT

Availability: Free with purchase of the Operation: Crimson Stone bundle (2021). Also intended to be for Gen Con, but made generally available due to COVID19.

Raveneye Officer

Availability: Free with purchase of the Infinity: Raveneye during Adepticon 2022.

Tyrok Hunter

Availability: Free with purchase of the Morat Aggression Force bundle (2022) (MAF box, Dire Foes 10: Slave Trophy) or available separately during Adepticon 2022.


Availability: Free with purchase of the Operation: Blackwind (2022). Initially released during Gen Con 2022.

Helen of Troy

Availability: Free with purchase of the Operation: Blackwind bundle (2022) (Operation: Blackwind, Dire Foes Delta: Obsidian Head) or available separately during Gen Con 2022.

Tournament Rewards

Each tournament season from 2013 onward contains at least one limited edition Infinity miniature. These packs are generally obtained directly via Corvus Belli or one of their distributors and the miniature is usually awarded to the tournament winner.

Max Skorpio

Max Skorpio.jpg

Lim MaxSkorpio.jpg

Despite being a named character Max Skorpio never had his own set of rules and, as such, he just ends up being used as a regular bounty hunter.

He carries a Nomad Heavy Machine Gun (although apparently some of the prize packs came with the Nomad Combi Rifle arms instead) and all Max Skorpio miniatures came with a random Micro Arts Studio 'Urban Fight' base.

Availability: ITS 2013 Tournament Packs

General Release Version: Generic Bounty Hunter with a masked face and Nomad Combi Rifle.

Authorized Bounty Hunter Sniper


Lim ABH Sniper.jpg

The bounty hunter sniper was not a named character and so doesn't have her own rules. She also came with a random Micro Arts Studio 'urban fight' base just like Max Skorpio and is armed with a Nomad MULTI Sniper Rifle.

Availability: ITS 2014 Tournament Packs

General Release Version: Riding an Aleph bike with an alternate leg and armed with a PanOceanic Boarding Shotgun.

Armand Le Muet


Lim LeMuet.jpg

Le Muet was the first tournament pack model to have his own set of particular rules and will work for all the vanilla factions. He's quite a powerful character and so is fairly sought after.

In 2015 the MAS resin base was replaced with an exclusive winner's patch. Some Le Muet packs also came with a special base top from Customeeple which was separately available from their webstore.

Availability: ITS 2015 Tournament Packs

General Release Version: Armed with a PanOceanic MULTI Sniper Rifle

Krakot Renegade


Lim Krakot.jpg

The Krakot Renegade is the tournament pack model that was available for the least amount of time due to the short 2016 season (beginning in February and ending in August). However, it may end up being more common than Max Skorpio or the Sniper as tournaments are much more common than they were in the earlier days.

The Krakot is the second tournament pack model to have its own and rules and, unusually, has an AVA of 2 or more in all the vanilla factions and so is fairly sought after.

Availability: ITS 2016 Tournament Packs

General Release Version: Armed with two Submachine Guns.



Lim Scarface.JPG

ITS Season 8 gave almost every faction access to Scarface and Cordelia for the duration of the season. Not only that but rules changes meant that pilots were made to be much more impactful.

Scarface is always a popular character, although the value of this model is going to depend very heavily on whether his services remain available for hire by the majority of factions once ITS Season 8 has ended.

Availability: ITS Season 8 and TAGLINE Tournament Packs (2016-17)

General Release Version: General release with alternate arms (holding a shotgun and a cigar), and a Bootleg version which also involves him beating the snot out of a poor Combined Army Caliban.

Toni Macayana


Lim Toni.JPG

Lim Toni2.JPG

ITS Season 8 is also unusual in that Corvus Belli released a limited edition series of tournament packs featuring a series of linked narrative missions, a general-release Umbra Samaritan and a limited edition version of the Tikbalang.

In this case, it represents Eduardo, Toni Macayana's personal TAG and it comes armed with a pair of brutal looking swords whereas the stock one has a gun held in the left hand.

The model includes a shoulder pad with Toni's own insignia on it but otherwise is just a straight pair of arm swaps compared to the stock Tikbalang and even comes with the same scenic base. No special rules were released for it.

Expect this miniature to be fairly valuable as it is rather limited in quantity - the TAGLINE packs themselves were only available for a handful of months.

Availability: TAGLINE Tournament Packs (2016-17)

General Release Version: Sword over shoulder and gun in left hand.

Cube Jager

Lim Jager.jpg

ITS Season 9 gives everyone access to a brand new type of mercenary troop - the Cube Jager, Mercenary Recoverer.

Availability: ITS Season 9 Tournament Packs (2017-18)

Aïda Swanson

Aida Swanson Infinity 01.jpg

ITS Season 10 gives everyone access to a brand new mercenary character - Aïda Swanson.

Availability: ITS Season 10: Xenotech Tournament Packs and Event Packs(2018-19)

Victor Messer

Messer Lim 1.png

ITS Season 10 event packs included everything in the classic packs and, amongst other things, a limited edition Victor Messer miniature.

Availability: ITS Season 10: Xenotech Tournament Packs (2018-19)


Guija Lim 1.png

ITS Season 10 event packs included everything in the classic packs and, amongst other things, a limited edition Guijia miniature.

Availability: ITS Season 10: Xenotech Tournament Packs (2018-19)

Wild Bill

The ITS Season 11 includes a new sculpt for Wild Bill.

Availability: ITS Season 11: Stakeout Tournament Packs (2019-20)


The ITS Season 12 kit includes a new sculpt for Parvati.

Availability: ITS Season 12: Breakdown Tournament Packs (2020-21)

Fiddler, Aristeia's ex-Toymaker

The ITS Season 13 kit gives everyone access to a new sculpt for Fiddler, Aristeia's ex-Toymaker.

Availability: ITS Season 13: Frozen Roads Tournament Packs (2021-22)


Corvus Belli and Asociación Esbozos (a Galician gaming group) organized the "Interplanetario" tournament starting in 2014. 2020 was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Certain limited edition miniatures and accessories have been given to the participants or made available for purchase.

Pulpi (2017)

The Interplanetario's mascot, Pulpi, on a keg of Pulpibeer, packed with three little pigs (same as the one included in the general release Dragon Lady HVT).

2019 Pulpi Bundle

Pulpi Bundle 2019 01.JPG

Pulpi Bundle 2019 02.JPG

Pulpi Joan

An alternate version of a limited edition Joan of Arc (Mobility Armor) (PV32).

Pulpi Scarface

An alternate version of the ITS Season 8: TAGLINE Joe "Scarface" Turner prize mini.

Pulpi Authorized Bounty Hunter (2019)

An alternate version of the 2014 ITS Authorized Bounty Hunter prize mini.

Agustiño (2019)

Agustiño is one of the characters from the pre-game videos that are shown before each tournament round.

Pulpi Fullmetal Kozmo (2019)

An alternate part for Kozmo's skin. Available as a complete model or as just the alternate part.

Other Sources

Occasionally miniatures are also produced for other reasons including convention seasons, promoting third party products, player rewards and just because Corvus Belli feel like it!

Battlefoam Yuan Yuan


Lim YuanYuan Battlefoam.jpg

The Battlefoam Yuan Yuan is probably the rarest of all the limited editions. Please note that adorable little Battlefoam bag that comes with the miniature!

Availability: Free with early orders of the Battlefoam ALPHA bag in 2011. Apprxoimately 750 produced. (2011)

General Release Version: Two-pack with Sword and with Rifle.



Lim Warcor.jpg

Each Warcor is given the option to buy three of these unique alternatives to the War Correspondent model each. Presumably these will become more common as more Warcors are inducted but for the time being they are fairly rare.

It has a unique head, arms and leg modelled on the well-known player and contributor, Magno.

Warcor Lim 2.jpg

In addition, there is an alternate sculpt of the female Warcor, holding a microphone and with a drone, also available to Warcors in the same way.

Availability: Three miniatures purchasable by each Warcor. (2013 - Date)

General Release Version: Helmeted head, alternate arms and leg.

Roger Van Zant


Lim VanZant.jpg

The Gencon version of Van Zant was made available at Gencon 2015 to promote the release of the USAriadna faction.

They were also available through direct order from Corvus Belli for a short while, although postage from Spain was considered to be rather pricy.

Availability: Gencon 2015 and direct order (2015)

General Release Version: Armed with a pistol and a whopping, great-big axe.

Achilles v2 Hoplite Armour


Lim Achilles.jpg

The Anniversary edition of Achilles was released in a double-pack with a non-limited version (due for separate release) to celebrate Infinity's 10th year. They were distributed to many stores and were available to purchase normally.

It might not be very clear but he's holding a Morat's head. Gruesome!

Availability: Commercially available (2015)

General Release Version: Armed with a MULTI Rifle.

Black Friday Joan 2.0


Unknown Ranger


Lim UnknownRanger.JPG

Much like Van Zant the year before, USAriadna received a further Gencon-only release. Once again they were available to order directly through Corvus Belli, international courier costs applying, and at the Interplanetary.

Availability: Gencon 2016, Interplanetary 2016 and direct order (2016)

General Release Version: Shield slung over the back and rifle in hand.

Fat Yuan Yuan


The Fat Yuan Yuan received two sculpts as part of its limited release after an extended campaign by players to have what was originally an April Fool's joke made real.

He comes with a variety of accessories including badges, fluff and a menu! His release was also accompanied by a set of unique, themed missions. [2]

Availability: Commercially available. (2017)

General Release Version: N/A

Chibi Miyamoto Mushashi

Lim Mushashi.jpg

Chibi Mushashi was a last minute, fun release which was partly in support of Aristeia. It was primarily released for Gencon.

Availability: Commercially available. (2017)

General Release Version: Several non-chibi versions!

Grunt Intel Spec Ops

Lim Intel.jpg

The Grunt version of the Spec Ops was released as a GenCon 2017 special, available at the convention and direct from Corvus Belli (for the duration of the convention).



Released as a Gen Con 2018 Exclusive miniature. Packaged with two round bases (25mm and 30mm), four Aristeia character cards (the same card in four languages), and an Aristeia initiative card.

Saito Togan


Limited Edition Saito Togan, available to purchase in March 2019, or free with the Adepticon Bundle (Spiral Corps army pack and Daedalus' Fall).


Valkyrie 2.png

Limited Edition Valkyrie - released as a Gen Con 2019 Exclusive miniature. Available to purchase individually for $19.99 or free with the Gen Con bundle of Operation: Wildfire.

Alguacil Paramedic

Bundled with the Vallejo Nomad paint set.

Fusilier Forward Observer

Bundled with the Vallejo PanOceania paint set.

Ghulam Doctor

Bundled with the Vallejo Haqqislam paint set.

Zhanshi Forward Observer

Bundled with the Vallejo Yu Jing paint set.

Nox Forward Observer

Bundled with the Vallejo Shasvastii paint set.

Kappa Unit Paramedic

Bundled with the Vallejo O-12 paint set.

RPG Kickstarter

RPG Civvies1.jpg

The following six miniatures were each made available through the Kickstarter launched by Modiphius[3].

Available in: Modiphius' Infinity RPG Kickstarter

General Release Version: Each miniature has an alternate general release.