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"Forward, Forward Kum! Go to meet the enemy! The sun illuminates the hawk and the prey! Hiuu-ey! It’s a good day to kill and be killed!" Heard in the Kum lines before the front of Halil was broken. NeoColonial Wars.

The Kyrgyz people of Haqqislam are a rough, tempestuous bunch who never obeyed any law but their own. They live on the Tien Shan mountains, where they control numerous drug labs, rudimentary guns factories, counterfeit money printers and well-stocked repair shops. Kyrgyz nomads have an appreciation for alcohol, loud motorbikes and beautiful women above all else. They are a turbulent people, prone to confrontation and revolt. The Haqqislamite army recruits the most famed among them for its Kum motorized units, where they can indulge their aggressive impulses. Riding a thunderous motorbike, these vicious fighters dash into close range to destroy the enemies of Haqqislam. They uphold the age-old Kyrgyz response to the challenges of their enemies: ‘North, South, East or West, where to find the Kyrgyz? By the silver hand of Alexander, look for them around their enemies!’ Zooming around the battlefield on their roaring bikes, Kums have forged a terrible reputation as intrepid, audacious riders… or absolute psychopaths, depending on who you ask. Some say all members of the Kyrgyz biker tribes are a bit unhinged, all we know is these are the most savage, stubborn and daring guys to ever kick and slash their way out of Tien Shan!


ISC: Kum Warband
Fury: Extremely Impetuous Training: Irregular Back-Up: None
8-6/4-4 20 11 13 14 1 0 1 4/2
Skills and Equipment: Motorcycle(Kinematika L2, Smoke Light Grenade Launcher), V: Dogged
Name Skills and Equipment BS Weapons CC Weapons Points SWC
Rifle Smoke Grenades, Rifle, Light Shotgun Pistol, Shock CCW 19 0
Chain Rifle Smoke Grenades, Chain Rifle Pistol, AP CCW 10 0
E/M CCW Smoke Grenades, Light Shotgun Pistol, E/M CCW 14 0

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