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Lore published with original retail release

“Nil nos tremefacit” (Nothing shakes us) Motto of the Cuirassiers Regiment

Jotum. n. Mil. In modern military slang, heavily armored model of PanOceanian T.A.G. [Extract of the Conciliar Universal Dictionary, simplified edition, Manaheim, Concilium Prima.]

Originally stationed on the frost planet of Svalarheima, Jotums are T.A.G.s of colossal size that honor their appellative, a variant of Old Norse’s “Jötunn”, the name of the Frost Giants of Norse mythology. Widely recognized as one of the finest weapons in all the Human Sphere, the combination of its thick armor and firepower makes the Jotum the dominant factor on any battlefield.

Based on the chassis of the multipurpose Squalo, the Jotum has a reinforced structure and incorporates an advanced thick multi-component armor layer as well as a more powerful power plant to be able to carry all the extra weight. The power of the engine and the servos of the Jotum are such that it allowed the engineers to incorporate weaponry hidden under the armor without affecting its performance. The antitank weapon, conceived mainly as a back-up system, is a short/ medium range unguided device with a collapsible shooting platform. Integrating this into the chassis keeps the hands free to carry the main weapon and engage in close combat, increasing the tactical capabilities of this PanOceanian giant.

In the organizational chart of the PanOceanian Armoured Cavalry, the Jotums form the Svalarheima Armoured Cuirassiers Regiment; because of that, their equipment is tailored to work in the most inhospitable environments. These systems include an extensible foot plant widener system to travel through snowed or soft terrain, an environmental power plant protection system that avoids malfunction due to low temperature or climatic causes, and a better performance command and control system. Known as Xiǎn Shān (铣 山, Metal Mountain) by the Yu Jing troops, their confrontations with the Blue Wolves on the frozen plains of Svalarheima are legendary.

Symbol of PanOceania’s technological power, Jotums are, without a doubt, the most tough and resilient remote ironclads of the PanOceanian army. Their presence is frequently required in those theatres of operation where strong resistance armed with antitank weaponry is expected to be faced and where other units of the Armoured Cavalry could be compromised. However, no matter the menace, there is nothing that can stop this metal colossus. Wherever it is deployed, the Jotum will always impose itself as the relentless and unbeatable Titan it is.

Lore published with release of Stakeout Event Kit

“Nil nos tremefacit” (Nothing shakes us). Motto of the Cuirassier Regiment.

Jotum noun \ ˈyō-təm \ Mil. In modern military jargon, heavily armored PanOceanian TAG model.

[Excerpt from the Conciliar Universal Dictionary, abridged edition, Manaheim, Concilium Prima.]

Originally destined for the frozen planet of Svalarheima, Jotums are TAGs of colossal proportions that honor their codename, which is a variant of the Old Norse “Jötunn”, the Frost Giants of Norse mythology. Largely acknowledged as one of the best and most powerful weapons in the entire Human Sphere, the combination of heavy armor and massive firepower have turned the Jotum into the key factor on any battlefield.

Based on the Squalo multipurpose frame, the Jotum has a reinforced structure and incorporates thick advanced multicomponent armor in addition to a more powerful power plant to deal with all that extra weight. The combined power of the Jotum’s engine and servos is so high that they allowed the engineers to add concealed weaponry below the armor, without negatively affecting its features or performance. This anti-tank weapon, mainly conceived as a reinforcement system, is a non-guided mid-to-long range device fitted with a deployable firing platform. The solution of integrating it into the frame allows the hands to be free to carry the main weapon as well as to facilitate close quarters battle, increasing the operative capacity of the PanOceanian giant.

Within the Armored Cavalry organizational chart, Jotums are part of the Svalarheima Armored Cuirassiers Regiment, so they are prepared to operate in the most inhospitable environments of this icy world. Among other environmental adaptation improvements, they include an extendable system to widen the soles of their feet to move through snowy or otherwise soft terrain. Additionally, they have a higher level of environmental protection for their power plants in order to prevent the low temperatures or any other climatic conditions from causing any possible malfunction. They also include a series of upgrades to the control system that increase their tactical efficiency during combat. Known as Jīnshǔ Shān (金属山, Mountain of Metal) by Yu jing troopers, their battles against the Blue Wolves on Svalarheima’s frozen plains are already legendary.

A symbol of PanOceanian technological might, there’s no doubt that the Jotum is the toughest, most resistant TAG in the Human Sphere, and a fearsome opponent for anyone. The presence of this metal behemoth is a common sight in zones of operations where a fierce resistance with anti-tank weaponry is expected, areas where any other Armored Cavalry unit may be compromised. But no matter the threat, no matter the adversary or their weapons, nothing can stop this armored giant in combat. Wherever they are deployed, the Jotums will always emerge as the unstoppable titans they are.

Published September 18, 2020

First Appearance

Infinity N1 (First Edition) (2006)

Lore Sources

Infinity N1 Rulebook (2006), p. 25

Infinity N2 Rulebook (2008), p. 25

Infinity N4 (2020), Core book p. 44. Corvus Belli Store

ITS Season 11 Event Tournament Pack


ISC: Jotums Tactical Armour Gear
Fury: Non-Impetuous Training: Regular Back-Up: None
6-4 18 15 18 13 10 9 3 7
Skills and Equipment: ECM, G: Remote Presence, Mountain Terrain
Name Skills and Equipment BS Weapons CC Weapons Points SWC
MHMG MULTI HMG, Heavy Flamethrower, D.E.P. 103 2
Lieutenant Lieutenant MULTI HMG, Heavy Flamethrower, D.E.P. 103 3

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