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Don’t think, just act: run and hit. Run and hit.

Hammerhead is a patriot willing to sacrifice himself so his nation can finally achieve its rightful place in the Human Sphere.[1]

HAMMERHEAD | The Human Battering Ram

Jahangir Babayan and his twin brother Arezoo were born on the planet Bourak. While Arezoo showed academic skill in the field of science, Jahangir was a natural sportsman with absolutely no special academic talent. However, he had a potent physique that stood out because of his great height and build. For many years, he devoted himself to several contact sports, and it was his patriotism that led him to enlist as a professional soldier in the Sword of Allah (the Haqqislam army) as a member of the Naffatûn unit, focused on close combat actions and assault techniques.

He was reassigned to Paradiso after four years of active service. Several ruthless missions he carried out in the war shaped his already brave character. One day, he suffered fatal wounds resulting from a death match with a Morat. Hammerhead only managed to survive thanks to shot from a very lucky and skilled sniper. The incident didn’t go unnoticed by his super offiicers. In the end he needed extensive rehabilitation. Witht hat being said, a group of five officers who kept his identity reached out to meet with him clandestinely.

The meeting led Hammerhead to join the Runihura (Destructor) program, orchestrated by several Haqqislamite companies aiming to develop supersoldiers. After an honorable discharge, Jahangir was willing to become the hero his nation needed. Aleasara Laboratories, the main developer of the Runihura Program, trained him in a secret facility. The company’s goal was to turn him into Hammerhead, the newest Aristo and the most powerful that the Aristeia! scene had ever seen. Sponsored by the biomedical corporation, Jahangir was ready to become a super soldier.

To begin the experimentation, the company installed one of their most brilliant scientists in charge of the entire medical body. The doctor would help to transform Jahangir into a superhuman: the senior executives and millions of Human Sphere spectators were expecting results. The Biochemist was no other than Arezoo, who was initially reluctant to experiment on his own brother. Jahangir appealed to Arezoo’s patriotism, talking to him about his dream of becoming a national hero. Such strong arguments quickly melted his brother’s reservations and appealed to his own sense of patriotism as well.

As the experiment and the season went on, Arezoo improved the substances he supplied to Jahangir, boosting his performance to their human limits. Hammerhead’s name soon gained ground among the Aristeia! circuit as a promising new Aristo to keep an eye on. As Jahangir's popularity increased, Aleasara Laboratories kept pressing to get the supersoldier they were promised. Arezoo was warned of the danger crossing the boundary would entail, but Jahangir was so close to achieving his dream, he again convinced his brother to remain in the program. In exchange, he promised to retire and submit to rehabilitation under his brother attentions at the end of the season.

Finally, as Arezoo had predicted, playing god had dire consequences: the treatment altered Jahangir's metabolism permanently, making his cell's walls need N-acetylglucosamine indefinitely. Literally, he couldn’t stand still without the help of the drug. Arezoo blamed himself so much for what happened that he offered to join the team with his brother to help him during the matches. The stress of simply playing the game demanded different doses and components be administered throughout the match depending on the situation. In exchange for his brother’s selfless gesture, Jahangir taught him to fight in the HexaDome and gave him some ideas on how to take advantage of his knowledge in biochemistry. This way, Jahangir could fulfill his contract and destiny, and at at the same time both brothers would conquer the Hexadome in the name of Haqqislam before the arrogant eyes of millions of PanOceanic spectators.[2]

Jahangir Babayan, Hammerhead on the HexaDome, is Bachmann’s twin brother. While his brother was studying, he chose to follow sports due to his powerful physique. His combat skills and his deep sense of patriotism made him join the Haqqislamite army, where he ended up fighting in the jungles of Paradiso. It was back then when his great potential caught the attention of a powerful entity, who persuaded him to join Runihura, the experimentation program aiming to create the ultimate super soldier. The project would end up being directed by his twin brother, Arezoo (although convincing him wasn’t an easy task). Deep in Jahangir's heart, there was only one goal: to become the hero that Haqqislam needed so badly. The advances would be observed by the whole Human Sphere: Hammerhead had arrived to Aristeia!

The experimentation on Hammerhead’s body had reached their limits. If the experiments continued, there would be no turning back. Despite Bachmann recommendations, and the high price he had to pay - Hammerhead's enthusiasm and determination kept him going although he was fully aware of the consequences the experiments might carry.

The treatment altered the metabolism of Hammerhead dramatically. Now, Hammerhead needs N-acetyl glucosamine to live, the drug that had provided him with the improvement to his skills. When he realized he needed someone to administer the right dosage of the drug, his brother didn’t hesitate to volunteer and join the HexaDome to take care of him, perhaps looking for redemption. Fame and fortune soon followed, but will Bachmann be able to keep his brother under control forever, or is his mind already set in the future?[3]

Jahangir Babayan and his twin Arezoo are two aristos from Bourak, the homeworld of the Haqqislamite terraforming and biomedicals corporations.

Jahangir was the one who took the genetic cocktail that allowed him to develop as a physical phenomenon during his childhood and adolescence. In other words, he was the natural born athlete that every father hopes to have. Later on, his patriotism compelled him to enlist the army. The Swords of Allah took interest in him and sent him out to fight in the jungles of Paradiso, where he forged his already brave spirit. Only the injuries suffered in a deadly combat sent him back to civilization to heal.

It was then that his superiors decided his fate urging him to join the Runihura (Destroyer) program, an ambitious project that brought together the most powerful Haqqislamite companies in bioengineering development. Their common goal was to create super soldiers.

Aleasara Laboratories, the most powerful company leading the program, trained the future super soldier with the aim of making him compete in Aristeia! under the name of Hammerhead. They chose his twin Arezoo to join the research team, one of the youngest prodigies in the field of biochemistry.

The combination of chemicals started to get results, but still didn’t match Aleasara's expectations. The pressure the brothers went under became a highly dangerous situation. Arezoo didn’t want to continue the experiment, but Jahangir convinced him to forge onward with disastrous consequences for himself. Finally, Hammerhead collapsed and now needs his brother's special cocktails - not only to perform at the HexaDome but also to live.

The guilt drove Arezoo to become an Aristeia! fighter himself. He wanted to take care of his brother by supplying him with the drugs he needed so badly to survive. From then on, he’s was known as Bachmann in the fierce HexaDome battleground. Alongside Hammerhead, they are better known as the Chemical Brothers.[4]


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