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Halqa troops are a mechanized light infantry unit designated for advanced support. Halqa infantry know they are fortunate.

They know that, unlike the Ghulam, they do not have to walk to the battlefield, since they have the Luzige (Locust), an armoured vehicle able to absorb almost any kind of impact. They also know that an armoured vehicle is an easy target for heavy enemy weapons. Once they get off the vehicle, they will have to take a strategic position on the battlefield, which will see enemy fire concentrate on them. However, they can deploy an impressive amount of firepower with their support weapons. The Halqa have the capacity to suppress any enemy in their line of fire. With this in mind, the Halqa know that even though Allah is merciful, luck always has two sides.

Haqqislam - Halqa Mechanized Infantry - -Alt- -Vyo-.png


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