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The Armed Imposition Detachment is one of the Shasvastii units best known by human troops. This unit works as a strike force, taking part when the Shasvastii methodology, based on deception and pinpoint attacks, is not enough. They have been specially trained in assault and support techniques and exceptional physical condition is required of them. They must be versatile, fully confident of their capabilities, and demonstrating an extraordinary expertise in the use of weapons. Operating in teams of five soldiers or as individuals, the Detachment is considered one of the best of the Shasvastii Expeditionary Forces, a first class combat troop. Be it on open front lines, or fighting door to door, the Gwailos are qualified to expel enemies from the battlefield by force. Advancing behind the dark cloud of nanobots that serve them as cover, they act as if enemy fire didn’t exist.

It is said that they can take or conquer any kind of vehicle, spaceship, vessel, building, or facility, without any external support. This was proved during the Second Offensive of Paradiso, when the Armed Imposition Detachment, greatly outnumbered, made their way through a series of well-defended enemy positions in open terrain. Advancing along a narrow isthmus, they took the factory complex of Huà Miàn Systems and obtained another overwhelming victory for the Combined Army. It was a victory that cemented the Yu Jing High Command’s belief that there was no way of retaking Xiongxiang city. This was also the battle in which they won their code-name among human troops - ‘Gwailos’, Cantonese for ‘Foreign Demon’.


ISC: Shasvastii Gwailos Medium Infantry
Fury: Non-Impetuous Training: Regular Back-Up: Cube
4-2 15 13 12 13 2 0 1 2
Skills and Equipment: Nanoscreen, Shasvastii
Name Skills and Equipment BS Weapons CC Weapons Points SWC
Boarding Shotgun Lieutenant Lieutenant Boarding Shotgun CCW, Pistol 21 1
Lieutenant Lieutenant MULTI Rifle CCW, Pistol 26 1
Hacker EI Assault Hacking Device Boarding Shotgun CCW, Pistol 27 0.5
Spitfire Spitfire CCW, Pistol 28 1.5
Boarding Shotgun Boarding Shotgun CCW, Pistol 21 0
MULTI MULTI Rifle CCW, Pistol 26 0
Heavy Rocket Launcher X Visor Heavy Rocket Launcher CCW, Pistol 23 1.5

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