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You’re trapped! No one can escape my tentacles!

Gaia is an excellent robotic engineer trained by Moto.Tronica to become the PanOceanic alternative to the Nomadic Witch.[1]

GAIA | Varuna’s titan

Zoe Foster was born in the city of Damak, located in Varuna’s Gurindam archipelago. Even the smallest design detail of the holiday planet of PanOceania seems to be taken from an idyllic holiday brochure. Known as the ocean world because of its vast seas and small land masses, Varuna enjoys an incomparable climate that favors tourism and makes its inhabitants the most envied in the entire Human Sphere. However, its oceanic population never forgets the fury of the seas. Occasionally, Varuna suffers intense storms that stretch across the planet with a destructive force that is legendary due to the lack of large land formations that act as a natural barrier. Although both the population and the infrastructure are highly adapted to this terrible atmospheric phenomena, its dangerous power is responsible for the death of hundreds of inhabitants.

Zoe’s mother was an executive in one of the many tour agencies who do business with Varuna’s great demand for tourists. Her position allowed her to travel all year long, crossing from one end of the planet to the other. Her father was the head of an underwater extraction unit of Atlasium for a major company based in Damak. The exploitation of this neomaterial is so valued in the aerospace industry as a Teseum alloy that it is made in the open sea, where the storm hitches are stronger than anywhere else on the planet.

Zoe was familiar with the difficulties of extracting the Atlasium from the daily stories her father shared with her. When she began her studies in programming and cosmology at the institute, she decided to deepen the development of human-machine interface knowledge in order to build some kind of remote that improved the performance of the current extraction units. Last year culminated the development of her personal project during the final year of studies, which she got to develop T.E.S.S - an acronym for Tentacle Extraction Subaquatic Structure.

TESS consisted of a half-ring structure linked to the miners’ work team by a strong electromagnetic field. It obeyed simple mental commands through a device coupled to a comlog. Three five-meter long and twenty-centimeters-diameter tentacles hung from three anchor points. Inspired by the rich marine fauna of the planet, Zoe designed these artificial limbs so that they were very flexible, able to endure the strong pressure and tension under the sea. Her proud father contributed to the project by giving her Atlasium and Teseum alloy to build the device. The strength of the tentacles was similar to enhanced military armor, and they could be separated from the structure and operate independently, or collectively in a coordinated manner. The mechanical wit had only one drawback: the interface only worked under Zoe’s orders, due to some kind of code injection that her flask geist unconsciously executed in the TESS system during its development.

The several awards for her project and Zoe’s excellent academic scores caught the eye of several universities, despite her final project little flaw. However, the strongest bid was from Moto.Tronica. The PanOceanic giant of the military industry offered her an impressive scholarship to complete her studies at a prestigious Neoterran university. Zoe and her family didn’t think twice.

Zoe’s passage to university had a bittersweet flavor until the last year of her career. On one end, she kept gaining skills as an engineer, applying her new knowledge to improve the design of the tentacles. However, she didn’t manage to solve the TESS problem, nor could she find a teacher or researcher that was able to help her. About to finish her scholarship, Moto.Tronica offered Zoe a new proposal: to compete in Aristeia! with TESS under their sponsorship to reinvest in the project. The idea was to obtain benefits, and therefore more resources and engineers to reach the key that unlocks the interface. Although she had practiced Scuball in her native Varuna for years, the newborn fighter underwent hard physical training to prepare her for the challenges of the arena. In addition to this, Moto.Tronica negotiated with VissioRama the exclusivity of the mechanical access to the scoring zones, creating a new future star of the HexaDome, born to be hEXx3r’s nemesis.[2]

Zoe "Gaia" Foster is a Robotic Engineer originally from Damak, on the planet Varuna. During her senior year in high school, she researched technology consisting of human-machine interfacing based on mineral material extractors on the seabed for which she received a scholarship to start her university studies on Neoterra.

That's where she developed TESS (Tentacle Extraction Subaquatic Structure), tentacles of Atlasium and Teseum that are able to work together or separately, subjected to high pressures such as those at bottom of the sea. However, the device had a major flaw: it only worked in Zoe’s hands. Despite the brilliance of the device, she hasn’t been able to replicate its effects with another controller other than herself. The only way to keep her research to find the origin of this mysterious error was to accept Moto. Tronica’s offer to join the Aristeia! circuit, where she ended up as an all-star, both because of her game and her elegant fighting style.[3]


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