Examples of groups of patches and patches by season

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The first pictures here are groups of patches from the early ITS seasons. Later pictures show most of the patches that were released in specific seasons.

Faction and Sectorial Patches

These were sold online through the CB store, through retailers, and were also the two random patches in tourney packs for years like 2013 and 2014.

P Early1.jpg

P Early2.jpg

Examples of patches from early seasons

P Early3.jpg

P Early4.jpg


Season 10 and 11 (these large 2 1/2" patches were mostly in packs from later in Season 10 and into early Season 11)

P Season10.jpg

This is only part of the large patches that were issued. For example, the picture does not include Tai Sheng, Hortlak Jannissary, Libertos, Shakti, Hulang, or Viktor Messer.

Season 11 (this season saw the introduction of printed patches with embroidered edges that were issued without the additional velcro backing on them)

P Season11.jpg

Season 12

P Season12.jpg

Season 13 (2021)

960 x 720px

This photo is missing the Evaders patch.