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Each Dire Foes mission pack contains two opposing characters with their own unique profiles, a unique civilian miniature, printed art cards and a download code which grants access to a special scenario involving these new troops.

Dire Foes 1 to 4 were released in late 2013, Number 5 came out in the middle of 2014 and finally the 6th pack was released shortly after Red Veil in 2016.

Dire Foes Mission Pack 1: Train Rescue

Angus did it again! Prisoner of the Yu Jing State Empire, two women will fight to rescue him, the Indigo Fusilier Bipandra spurred on by something more than loyalty, and the Treitak Anyat by the secrets Angus doesn't know he carries in his Cube. Find out what the fate of poor Angus will be with the “Train Rescue” mission and play this new scenario with its true protagonists!

REF: 280002-0442

Train Rescue.jpg




Fusilier Angus

Dire Foes Mission Pack 2: Fleeting Alliance

Absolutely unbelievable! ALEPH and Nomads collaborating together? What could force Vortex Lupe Balboa and Sgt. Chandra Thrasymedes to cooperate in a mission where they are supposed to confront each other? What secrets do these two elite operators hide? Discover it with the “Fleeting Alliance” mission and play this new scenario with its true protagonists!

REF: 280003-0443

Fleeting Alliance.jpg


Lupe Balboa


Marine Engineering Officer

Dire Foes Mission Pack 3: Dark Mist

Clandestine actions into the deepest darkness! Intel Isobel MacGregor, an expert Caledonian data-thief, and Gui Feng Yuriko Oda, elite saboteur and Kempeitai killer, fight each other in the deepest darkness, and a poor Comm-Tech is caught in the middle of their struggle! To know what the final result of the “Dark Mist” mission will be, play this new scenario with its true protagonists!

REF: 280001-0441

Dark Mist.jpg


Yuriko Oda

Isobel McGregor


Dire Foes Mission Pack 4: Flee or Die

In Flee or Die the PanOceanian Military Orders face off against the Hassassins in a duel of faiths! Boosted by the highest ideals, the Hassassin Yasbir and Brother Konstantinos fight for the life of the CEO of MagnaObra. Will she pay for the crimes of this corporation or will she be escape unscathed and unrepentant? Who will prevail? Take to the table top and decide!

REF: 280004-0446

Flee or Die.jpg




VIP Executive

Dire Foes Mission Pack 5: Viral Outbreak

In Viral Outbreak the forces of the Tohaa face off against the Shasvastii with HAZMAT A1 Specialists caught in the middle. In a hostile infectious environment the scene is set where the Hatail Aelis Keesan will resolve their issues with the perfidious Corax Hasht in blood and fire!

REF: 280005-0447

Viral Outbreak.jpg


Aelis Keesan


Hazmat Civilian

Dire Foes Mission Pack 6: Defiant Truth

A Freelance Stringer has received a packet of confidential data that unveils a dark plot and the time has come to face a defiant truth. A race against the clock in which the Gui Feng Xi Zhuang and the Husam Leila Sharif will face each other for the control of that information.

REF: 280011-0613

Defiant Truth.jpg


Xi Zhuang

Leila Sharif

Freelance Stringer

Dire Foes Mission Pack 7: Candy Cloud

Candy Double, the celeb Maya star and famous investigator, has discovered a Combined Army plan to alter the Dark Mist technology spread on planet Dawn, turning the visual interference clouds into a mortal weapon to everyone who gets near them. An emergency team has been sent to the Onyx Force clandestine processing facilities in Novyy Cimmeria to find out how to disconnect this corrupting technology. It is of vital importance to complete the sequencing analysis to obtain the necessary data that will allow to nullify these lethal clouds. But it is also very important to stop Candy Double, the Maya star that must not reveal to the rest of the Human Sphere the extent of the EI plans on Dawn, to avoid panic from spreading through the population.

REF: 280018-0709

Candy Cloud.jpg


Rosalind "Rosie" Munroe


Candy Double

Dire Foes Mission Pack 8: Nocturne

Dire Foes missions come back with its 8th edition including the main character from the Outrage comic. This box contains three miniatures - Knauf, Outlaw Sniper, the Security Chief Arslan, leader of the Druze Bayram Security, and an NGO Volunteer.

This Mission Pack is the perfect way to immerse yourself in the Infinity Universe, playing with miniatures from different factions in order to complete the story-based mission: Nocturne.

If you love to just collect miniatures, you can’t miss the Outrage miniatures box - but if you prefer competitive play, here is a good list of Infinity profiles to play alongside your Dire Foes miniatures: Brawlers set, Druze Shock Team, Anaconda Mercenary Tag, and Corregidor Alguaciles.

REF: 280025-0773





Arslan, Security Chief

NGO Volunteer

Dire Foes Mission Pack 9: Datacash

To keep their primacy in the data banking business, Tunguska must sweep aside any competitor, even if that competitor is a covert parallel-financing operation of the Hexahedron. But PanOceania knows about the fight for primacy, and the Fusilier Indigo Richard Quinn is going to show it to DI Jelena Kovač and her Dragnet team.

REF: 281213-0805




Jelena Kovač, Securitate DI

Fusilier Indigo Richard Quinn


Dire Foes Mission Pack Alpha: Retaliation

PanOceania knows that a power does not maintain its supremacy by allowing any attack against it to go unpunished. Following the events in Kaldstrøm, a representative of the Yu Jing diplomatic corps who is visiting Huangdi will be the target of a team led by Troll-hunter Gunnar Lundmark. Of course, with Imperial Agent Adil Mehmut of the Special Division as the diplomat’s bodyguard, the task will not be easy.

With this box you can not only expand your collection of Infinity CodeOne miniatures, but you will get new options for your army—giving them personality with these two heroes—and also a neutral model to play missions and scenarios.

REF: 280031-0821




Imperial Agent Adil Mehmut

Troll-hunter Gunnar Lundmark

Yu Jing Ambassador

Dire Foes Mission Pack Beta: Void Tango

What could possibly have kept Casanova, that handsome devil, away from parties at embassies and dragged him to a dump like Hlökk Station, a mining facility in the Brísingamen Asteroid Belt? What seemed like a no-brainer mission for O-12, investigating Minescorp's dirty laundry, has turned out to be a Shasvastii covert operation. And Sargosh, the Jayth Tunnel-Crumbler, will not let Casanova thwart it, not even if some prospector gets in the way, no matter how pretty she is

This box includes 3 miniatures: the NOC Operative Casanova, Sargosh, Tunnel-crumbler of the Jayth Cutthroats, and a Prospector, a freelance space miner.

With this box you can not only expand your collection of Infinity CodeOne miniatures, but you will get new options for your army—giving them personality with these two heroes—and also a neutral model to use in missions and scenarios.

REF: 280035-0845




NOC Operative Casanova