Defiance: Revenant

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Years after returning from the other side of the Wormhole of Acheron and cleaning out their files, the crew members of the Defiance and a motley crew of collaborators – including Kendriat, an impetuous Morat, and Jaan Staar, a Tohaa with unsettling abilities - serve as freelance agents and soldiers of fortune under the banner of their own mercenary company: The Revenant Mobile Intervention Force.

The MIF owes its name to the Revenant, the current moniker for the old and famous space daring vessel - The Defiance, which was the first human ship to ever reach Combined Army space and return to tell the tale.

Infinity Defiance Revenant box render 01.jpg


Revenant expansion contents:

6x Top quality metal miniatures:

Also contains:

  • Rulebook and Campaign book with 6 missions.
  • 2x new alternative missions.
  • 9x Double-sided tiles.
  • 200x Mini USA cards.
  • 45x Magnum cards.

Additional Images

Revenant Render 01.jpg