Defiance: Outcast

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First Infinity Defiance expansion!

The characters of the Defiance, on who’s shoulders rest the fate of the Human Sphere. Named heroes even before they jumped to the far side of the ​Acheron ​wormhole. Are now considered outlawed.

Marked as infected, and compromised by the insidious Shasvastii and their dangerous Specular Killers. However, even when branded as traitors the crew of the Defiance will do their best to survive.

With the help of Ensign Katherine Cho of O-12, who does not believe the official propaganda of her superiors. Also with mercenary operator Raoul Spector, who has previously worked with Katherine while undercover.

Infinity Defiance Outcast box render 01.jpg


10x Top quality metal miniatures:

2x New heroes:

8x New enemies from O-12:

Also includes:

  • Campaign book with 6 missions and scenarios creator.
  • 3 new alternative missions.
  • 9 Double-sided tiles.
  • 200 Mini USA cards.
  • 45 Magnum cards.

Additional Images

Raoul Spector and Katherine Cho

Outcast miniatures 01.jpg

O-12 Troopers

Outcast miniatures 02.jpg