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Absolute loyalty and blind obedience: that’s what the Tohaa Trident likes about its Chaksa troops, and the Triumvirate doesn’t like them any less. In addition to their fidelity, however, the exceptional physical abilities of the Chaksa are a great extra. These creatures can carry heavy equipment in the worst possible environmental conditions throughout the day without complaining the slightest. And when the time for action comes, any weapon, however heavy it may be and whatever rate of fire it has, will be a mere toy in their hands.

Appreciating these superb qualities, the Trident created the Longarms, heavy support units formed entirely of Chaksas. Equipped with heavy weaponry, its main operational purpose is to maneuver through the battlefield to gain the best position from which to provide intense cover fire for the Tohaa troops. That’s typically an operational profile that makes you the target of all hostile enemy fire. But the Longarms do not fear anyone. They have their mission, they have the most powerful weaponry that can be deployed in combat, and the only thing that matters to them is fulfilling the orders of their Tohaa masters. You have to give them some credit; they are passionate. You can see that they enjoy unloading their weapons at full power, yes sir. Because that’s the greatest fulfillment for the Longarms: total annihilation with a purpose. All the recordings show them in action with broad smiles as they unleash a firestorm on the enemy as true heralds of destruction. So, it’s not surprising that there is no operation or deployment in which the Tohaa, whether the Trident or the Triumvirate, don’t want Chaksa by their side.

 <<Sent to explore the ruins of a Cosmolite hidden deep within the jungles of Paradiso, an entire unit of Chaksa Longarms was infected with some kind of residual viral biotechnology. This virus was one of the poisoned gifts whereby the T’zechi Digester caused the Triumvirate’s black experiments to fail. It was unpredictable, incurable, and capable of rewriting the genetic and memetic modifications that we, the Tohaa, had created to turn the Chaksa into the perfect servant race. After being stricken with violent fevers, which sent several of them straight to their graves, the surviving Chaksa realized that they did not feel any attachment to their Tohaa masters anymore. Invoking some overlooked recruitment clauses that had never been applied before—and which no one expected to ever be used—these Chaksa collected their paychecks, walked away from the Trident, and decided to become entrepreneurs, offering their services on the war market. The human mercenary industry is always keen to welcome new operatives, especially in troubled times such as these, and the arrival of the Chaksa was a refreshing and unexpected novelty. The unique destructive capability of a heavy support unit such as the Longarms, coupled with the imposing size and presence of the Chaksa, was a real game changer in the war market, and it ended Spiral Corps’ monopoly on these troops in the private sector.
 But what do these troopers actually bring to the table? What makes them so different from other mercenary units you could hire? Well let’s face it, Longarms are not particularly discreet or suitable for more sensitive jobs, quite the opposite; they’re like a thundering hammer. And that’s a quality which makes them perfect for contracts in hot spots. It’s precisely in high-conflict areas where they’re more efficient. In jobs where the Longarms act as armed escorts protecting convoys or sensitive goods, their mere presence is a deterrent that may discourage the toughest and most hardened individuals from trying anything. The Longarms can do their job without having to fire a shot. Which is really a shame, because there is nothing more beautiful than watching someone do what they were born to do: unleash the kind of fearsome and devastating firepower that’s the envy of any field artillery regiment.>>

Excerpt from report 00348 by Armand Le Muet, freelance mercenary. Record erased from his Cube.

Published May 14, 2021


ISC: Chaksa Longarm Light Infantry
Fury: Non-Impetuous Training: Regular Back-Up: None
4-4 16 11 12 12 3 0 1 2
Skills and Equipment: Fireteam: Duo, Multiterrain, Religious Troop
Name Skills and Equipment BS Weapons CC Weapons Points SWC
Pulzar 2 Pulzar, Contender, E/M Grenades Pistol, CCW 19 0
Autocannon Portable Autocannon Pistol, CCW 31 1
Missile Launcher Missile Launcher Pistol, CCW 27 1.5
Mk12 Mk12, D-Charges Pistol, CCW 27 0
Haris Fireteam: Haris 2 Pulzar, Contender, E/M Grenades Pistol, CCW 20 0.5



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