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Despite their reputation for being rough, the sight of these officers patrolling the decks of the Circulars is always reassuring to any passenger. A Bluecoat is a guarantee that no criminal will even consider attempting anything while one is around. The crook’s physical integrity would be on the line![1]

Space is one of the most hostile environments humans have ever dwelled in. And a tough environment produces tough men and women, but even tougher criminals. This is why the security detachments of the Circulars cannot be staffed with normal officers. They need people who are tougher than the criminals they are going to encounter.

They must be imperturbable agents who never flinch from having to exert more violence than is acceptable to any other law enforcement agency. It should be noted that naval security involves protecting valuable assets such as the Circulars and any O-12 spacecraft, be they Bureau Tiandi exploration ships, TransEtherea passenger spaceliners, or Starmada spaceships. Contrary to popular belief, this is not an easy job; these are not cruise-ship naval officers pacing around the leisure and dining areas, waving and smiling at the passengers. If that were the case, everyone would want to wear this corps' badge. On the contrary, these officers are real policemen, even more so as they may be required to perform military duties. Their daily tasks range from misdemeanors, such as petty theft and bar brawls, to organized crime, which is continuously trying to expand its networks, including smuggling, mutiny, and counter-boarding, for which they operate together with other Starmada units.

"It may not seem so, but in a ship, especially in a Circular, things happen, lots of things. But few of them will catch a Bluecoat unawares, as these agents are always alert and ready to act. This means that if the passengers or the crew are only aware of half of what is happening on the ship, it's because the Bluecoats are doing a good job. One word of advice: even if everyone calls them Bluecoats, address them as officers. Never call them Bluecoats to their face. This is a derogatory term coined in the criminal underworld that refers to the riot coats they wear as uniforms. These waterproof garments- rather incongruous in a spacecraft- protect the agents in case the fire-sprinkler or crop-irrigation systems are activated to contain a riot It must be noted that these systems use recycled water and it often cores from fecal tanks, an unpleasant experience for anyone, but even more so for those who are not well prepared for having feces raining down on them. So, this moniker is usually spat out with contempt by criminals, often along with blood and some teeth if they dare utter it in some officer's presence. But despite their reputation for being rough, and even if these detachments may be a little above average in terms of violence, the sight of these officers patrolling the decks is always reassuring to any passengers. A Bluecoat is a guarantee that no criminal will even consider attempting anything while one is around. The crook's physical integrity would be on the line!"

-From an article by Urban Sentinels. "Only in Rush Hour, We're in the Thick of It!"

First Appearance

Infinity N4, Core Book (2020)

Lore Sources

Infinity N4, Core Book (2020), p. 216 Corvus Belli Store



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