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In the HexaDome, everything is about Physics and Chemistry

Bachmann is a Biochemist whose greedy ambition has led him to sacrifice his own brother.[1]

BACHMANN | The Biochemistry Genius

Arezoo Babayan was born with his twin brother Jahangir on the planet Bourak. They are native to Medina, one of the main cities of the Al Medinat Caliphate, home to the Universities that use the Knowledge Quest as a mean to reach Allah and where the powerful medical, biotechnological and pharmacological Haqqislamite industry flourishes. The academic environment revolving around science and research had a great influence on Arezoo’s childhood, whose mind showed great potential from a very young age.

A rich business inheritance from the merchant dynasty of the Babayan family covered the twins’ training expenses. While his brother Jahangir developed his career as an elite athlete, Arezoo was irredeemably attracted to science. He excelled in the Biochemistry field with outstanding academic qualifications, already craving for recognition and wealth. His thesis on "Neurostimulation and muscle enhancement through the application of a silk derivation" (the Haqqislamite drug that allows the resurrection in biosynthetic bodies) was of great interest to Aleasara Laboratories. Immediately after obtaining his doctorate, Arezoo accepted a juicy offer to participate in the Runihura (Destroyer) Program for the development of supersoldiers.

After four years, Aleasara Laboratories required Arezoo’s services to implement his knowledge. He was commissioned to work directly for the medical corps of the local Aristeia! team that the company sponsored, which was just an opportunity to show off its lavish biochemical synthesis patents. The main objective was to improve and boost their new promising performance: a young talented athlete promoted from the minor leagues. Arezoo understood then that his position in the experiment wasn’t just coincidence: the fighter was no other than his own brother - Jahangir, better known as Hammerhead in the competitive scene.

Arezoo was initially reluctant to experiment with his own twin. He argued there were plenty of risks involved: after all, the drug hadn’t passed human trials. The corporation and Jahangir's insistence made him accept the offer. Arezoo took into account Aristeia!’s own enhancing substances regulation: the drug he designed was incredibly powerful, however it was still legal. Jahangir quickly surpassed the average speed and strength of the best elite athletes, and soon, Hammerhead’s name began to be heard on the fields with respect. However, as Jahangir's reputation increased, the more Aleasara Laboratories pressed to take the Aristo beyond human limits.

It was then that Arezoo refused to keep the experiment going. He knew there would be no going back if his brother continued the treatment. Jahangir decided to appeal to Arezoo’s patriotic feelings once again. It was then that Aleasara Laboratories made an offer that Arezoo would be foolish to refuse, and such vast sums of money activated his Babayan merchant gene. Secretly, Arezoo’s increasing envy for Jahangir's success had much to do with his final decision; greed became master of his actions.

Finally, as Arezoo had predicted, playing god had dire consequences: the treatment indefinitely altered Jahangir's metabolism, making the walls of his cells need N-acetylglucosamine indefinitely. He literally couldn’t stand still without the help of the drug.

The frantic activity in the HexaDome required different drug compositions to keep his brother alive. Just one dose wasn’t enough for the entire fight: Hammerhead needed someone to provide him with constant medical support. Driven both by the feeling of guilt for his brother’s state and his own greed, Arezoo volunteered to enter the fight with him. His role on the team was to provide him the right supplements at all times. He even experimented with himself with small doses at the expense of his own body premature weakening. With no physical combat abilities, Arezoo had to earn his place in the HexaDome by using his knowledge and specialized equipment from Praxis. In other words, he brought a new type of war to the HexaDome: biochemistry, which he effectively marketed to create the fearsome character of Bachmann.

Guilt forced him to remain on the team to keep his brother alive, but recognition and incredible amounts of money pushed him to think of a future where he unavoidably be apart from him. While he builds that future, he still needs to maintain his brother's condition to keep Aleasara Laboratories investors happy.[2]

The first one of the brothers is Arezoo Babayan, better known as Bachmann. He was born alongside his twin brother in Bourak, the Haqqislamite planet, where he grew up in an academic environment. Medical, biotechnological and pharmacological industry flourished all around him. Thanks to his vast intellectual capacity, he swam like a fish in water. His research and high qualifications caught the attention of the Aleasara Laboratories company, that decided to assign him a very special project: to direct the Aristeia! medical team on how to tend to his own brother - Jahangir.

Despite his initial reluctance, his brother's enthusiasm and the pressure from the company led him to carry the research, although he had never tested on humans before. The results were astonishing, and Jahangir kept gaining recognition thanks to his improved skills. No matter how much illicit research was poured into Jahangir, it seemed that it was never enough - this was when Bachmann started to hesitate.[3]

Arezoo Babayan and his twin Jahangir are two aristos from Bourak, the homeworld of the Haqqislamite terraforming and biomedical corporations.

Arezoo excelled in the field of biochemistry while studying at the best university in Medina. His thesis on Neurostimulation and muscular potentiation through the application of a derivative of the Silk ─the Haqqislamite drug that allows the resurrection in biosynthetic bodies─ was of great interest to Aleasara Laboratories due to its participation in the Runihura (Destroyer) Program for the development of supersoldiers. That’s why Arezoo received a juicy offer from the company right after he finished his doctorate.

After a few years, the laboratories commissioned him to direct the medical team of the local Aristeia! team that Aleasara sponsored as a showcase for its luxurious patents of biochemical synthesis. The main asset of the team at that time was the young promise known as Hammerhead, Arezoo's own twin brother. It was no coincidence that the laboratory wanted him on the team aimed to raise Jahangir’s renown in the hexadome.

The inconclusive results of the risky human experimentation made Arezoo reluctant to take the project over. However, the pressure applied by the corporation and especially his brother Jahangir made him finally accept it.

The Aristeia! producers reckless acceptance regarding the use of substances that alter the wrestlers' biochemistry allowed Arezoo’s treatment to push Hammerhead to the level of recognition and performance worthy of the major leagues.

Jahangir's nickname was heard with respect throughout the circuit. The pressure of Aleasara Laboratories on the project increased. “We have reached the limits of humanity, it’s now time to overcome it.” Arezoo made one last attempt to stop the machinery he knew would lead his brother to a point of no return. But again, he couldn’t talk his brother Jahangir out of his decision, jumbled by his feeling of patriotism. The laboratories helped Hammerhead convince his twin, appealing to his newly discovered and obscure “envious inner self”.

Just as Arezoo had predicted, his brother's metabolism failed and his body became completely dependent on the N-acetylglucosamine derivative. Literally, he couldn’t even move without the help of drugs. In addition to this, the cocktails he needed in the HexaDome had a more subtle and shorter effective duration. Arezoo volunteered to enter the arena and administer the supplements during combat. He was driven by a strong feeling of guilt that even led him to experiment on his own body with small doses. This way, Arezoo managed to enter the HexaDome despite his inferior physical skills for combat.

The disturbing and fearsome Bachmann had then been born. Together with his brother Hammerhead, they form the Chemical Brothers.[4]


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