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The White Company is a small elite mercenary force with a distinctly itinerant character, founded by Colonel John Hawkwood, an officer of fortune with a long military career who is said to be an unauthorized ALEPH Recreation. In fact, the contracts signed by this company with ALEPH's SSS have made it the target of Nomad Black Propaganda, but they have also put it in the top ten on the mercenary market, which has enabled it to become an official contractor for both PanOceania and Yu Jing.

With its main headquarters in Svalarheima, the border conflicts on that planet have been one of the main sources of job opportunities for the White Company, where its competence has turned it into a force that both sides wish to hire. However, the real home of the Vitt-Dräkten, the "White Suits" as they are known on Svalarheima, is the snow-white assault transport WCS Gringolet, with which they travel the Sphere seeking contract after contract, and which has given them the reputation of being a wandering company. Nevertheless, their growing ties to the SSS have compelled them to establish new headquarters in Concilium, where they can additionally be close to the international decision-making center and to truly attractive business opportunities.

Colonel Hawkwood has successfully recruited a group of professionals from the best units of PanOceania and Yu Jing for his mercenary company. Since they work as reinforcements for the SSS units, this agency's operatives have also been seen fighting alongside them with a high level of effectiveness. With such a squad—and always under the command of John Hawkwood, a remarkable tactician—the White Company is a formidable adversary and practically impossible to defeat in combat.

In spite of the suspicion among conspiracy theorists, the true purposes of this force, its courage, and reputation are increasingly demanded in the mercenary market. It’s said that the warlords, executives, and big tycoons who hire the White Company pay large sums for its services and are provided with corresponding success, while those who do not hire it simply lose battles.

The White Company is one of the novelties that N4 will bring, a brand-new Sectorial Army for NA2 that will draw troops from PanOceania, Yu Jing, and ALEPH, among others. Under the command of John Hawkwood, a mercenary officer who will also be available for those generic armies that provide troops to this force, the White Company will become one of the stars in this new chapter of the Infinity universe. It also provides an opportunity to try out a different game style for PanOceanian, Yu Jing, and even ALEPH players who already have a number of figures to start building an army list for this mercenary force.[1]