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Warcrow is Corvus Belli's new fantasy universe, announced in 2022. Its first game will be a dungeon crawler, Warcrow Adventures, coming to Kickstarter in Fall of 2022[1][2]. Corvus Belli then expects to release a full wargame, pending the success of the dungeon crawler (expected 2023).

This is from videos posted on Corvus Belli's YouTube (under the title - Whispers of Lindwurm) and other sources. As the games have not yet been released, this information is subject to change.

In a world of change, magic has reappeared. A mysterious fog spreads through the land, echoes of the past resonate in Lindwurm. The future is uncertain, though the present urges. This is the moment for decisions to be made. Would you pay the price?

Warcrow is a fantasy universe in which different nations must decide which part they will play in it. Hold on to what they know, fight for what they believe in, unravel the mysteries surrounding them, protect their heritage, or stride towards their destiny.[3]

Factions and Races


The people of Feudom feel that they are heirs to a legendary past. They believe they were chosen by two moon goddesses, Selas and Losna. Religion is important to their society. The people of Feudom are predominantly human.[4]

The Hegemony of Embersig

The dominant power in Lindwurm. They are a cosmopolitan, cultural empire, in which humans, dwarves, and elves live in the tranquility of knowing they are under the wings of the richest, most organized, and technologically advanced nation. The Black Legion is the elite military corps of the Hegemony.

Merchant Alliance


The nation of warlike dwarves. Family oriented and loyal, they are the chroniclers of this world. In remembering the past, they are prepared for the present. They live in hanging cities inside and outside the mountains.

The Northern Tribes

Orcs and Varank travel together in an awkward and temporary alliance. After being pushed in the past, they have joined forces forming the Northern Tribes. Now, they are back on the continent to retrieve what belongs to them. While they are stronger together, both Orcs and Varank have their separate agendas.

The Scions of Yaldabaoth

The Scions follow the instruction of Yaldabaoth, the Architect of the Flesh.

The Sÿenann

The elves dwelling in the magical forests of Lindwurm have decided to take action. Aware of the danger this new magic cycles harbors, they do not want to be mere witnesses - they want to act!




An island continent on Lindwurm

Hawthorn Point

This is where the events of Warcrow Adventures take place. It is a coastal city on Assail.


This is the name of the planet where Warcrow takes place.[5]

The Silent Chambers

Located within Mounthaven, these appear to be both a prison and a library.[6]

The Fog

A mysterious and sinister force present on Lindwurm.


Magic in Lindwurm is subject to different cycles that affect its power. These cycles are influenced by the proximity of a shard in the sky that orbits in the system where Lindwurm exists. A magic cycle could last for millennia. As the shard comes closer to the sun and planets, a new cycle of magic initiates. At the periastron, when the shard is the closest, magic in Lindwurm is at its apex. And as it goes away, magic slowly fades. It does not entirely disappear, for it is always present in this world. Yet, its influence and power are noticeably weakened. Even so that some civilizations have forgotten about it.[7]


Mysterious structures that appear throughout Lindwurm.

The Magic Shard

The shard or crystal that orbits Lindwurm, creating cycles of magic.


Magical trees that make up the forests the Sÿenann Elves live in.

Selas and Losna

The two moons that orbit Lindwurm. The people of Feudom believe they are heirs to these goddesses.


Warcrow Adventures includes equipment specific to a given character and general equipment. See each character's page for their specific equipment. A list of general equipment is here.


The dungeon crawler and the full wargame will share fundamental mechanics. The games will use d8s with symbols. The symbols appear to be similar to Aristeia! symbols, though the faces have both solid and hollow symbols. Hollow symbols only count when specifically called for (e.g. on a Switch) or when the character is an expert in that skill/atribute.

In addition to movement, combat, and the other fundamental mechanics of a dungeon crawler, Warcrow Adventures will also include NPCs players can interact with in order to create a strong narrative feel.


Initiative Track. This is a tool that allows to organise the activation of both Characters and Enemies. The initiative value indicates the order of placement on the track, and also is a reflection of the frequency of activation. Thus, a lower value of initiative indicates a higher frequency of activation.

The wargame is expected to require approximately 20 miniatures per player with a rulebook around 50 pages.