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The Vortex are the Black Hand’s main “agents provocateur”, specialists in undercover and secret operations. Rigorously recruited, they are not called “special operatives” for nothing. Their operating profile requires exceptional abilities for combat and for the collection of intelligence. In exchange, the Black Hand gives them freedom to act according to their own judgment, and evaluates them only on the basis of objectives met. And Vortex meets them, because they are professionals. These guys can have a run at anyone; they can eliminate any other operative from the Sphere or beyond it. They are top-notch hitmen. They have done plenty of “jobs”, but always with a low profile, operating under the radar. The Vortex are destabilizing agents with a wild vibe. If they show up, you’d better be ready for action. They are old school spies from a dirtier, more expedient era. They are intimately acquainted with danger, vertigo and action. Vortex live in the tough side of chaos, where no one is in charge and anything can happen. That’s the way they like it, because when your bread and butter is outrunning ALEPH, you end up with a liking for the high-speed jobs.


"You've been found guilty, so you'd better hear what I have to say, because I'm holding the only key that will get you out of this cell-other than a bullet in the head."
—Vortex agent Paulo Cavalcanti, recruiting inmates for the Diablos of D-Block. Court of Justice holding cells. Presidio. Corregidor.


Current Miniatures

Originally submitted by Meldinov, shared here courtesy of Pen of Penemue

Old Miniatures