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At age nine, Vassily killed, skinned, and ate his first Ariadnan bear. His grandfather taught him the “language of the bear”, an ancient tongue of the steppe used by Siberian hunters to communicate with one another. This poetic language rooted in euphemism served to deceive prey so that it would not know who had killed it, thus keeping its mystical powers in its body. Vassily started hunting early, learning to shoot while still a child to help his grandfather hunt wolves, Antipodes, or anything else that threatened his farm in Tartary. During that time he developed exceptional aim, developing a taste for hunting and learning to hide and be patient, qualities that would later define his military career.

Vassily would have been happy on his family’s farm, but the brutality of the Antipode Offensives would lead him to join the army, where he put everything his grandfather had taught him to good use. In his battalion he would come to be known as “Vassily the Hunter”, because he hunted down and destroyed armored targets just as easily as he would some juicy animal to supplement his squad’s field rations.

To Vassily, a hunter’s best virtue is patience—knowing how to wait for the right moment to squeeze the trigger—and this results in a thick-skinned character. Vassily remains undaunted in the face of any event or crisis, whether in combat or everyday life. He has the unaffected demeanor of the heroes from the tales of yore from the Ariadnan frontier. Reluctantly promoted for his combat merits, Vassily will always prefer to be second in command, but carries out orders as he sees fit, following his instinct as a natural- born hunter. The men under his command acknowledge and respect this talent, and whenever they hear him mumble on the intercom in his “bear language” they know the enemy is within firing range and that Vassily is about to make another kill.

Published October 16, 2020

Violent, harsh, and dangerous are the lands of Ariadna, and to survive you must mimic these traits. Born into a farming family in one of the regional stanitsas in the territory of Tartary in Rodina, Vassily Plushenko was always tough and wiry, slim in build, but hard as nails. Regarded as slow on the uptake by those who didn’t know him, Vassily was always methodical (perhaps even unimaginative) but not dim-witted.

The more regional stanitsas of Tartary are fierce and perilous, with Antipodes, corporate interests, mercenary groups, bandits, and even Combined Army raids a common threat to the stability and safety of those that lived there. This state of fluctuating danger and the risk of real threats in the feral and untamed lands beyond their borders made the stanitsas a wild frontier.

Vassily, like all Ariadnans, learned to forage, survive, and use weapons from an early age. When he wasn’t working on his parents’ small farmstead, he spent time with his grandfather in the wilds on the edge of their stanitsa. Vassily and his grandfather, Grigory, were inseparable. Grigory was old, but possessed a wealth of experience and had a sharper wit and tongue. Vassily was quieter, more methodical and careful in word and deed, but happy to follow where his grandfather led. It was his grandfather who taught him an old traditional Siberian hunter’s slang called the “language of the bear”, and Vassily still mutters it when hunting. Thanks largely to the tuition of his grandfather, by the age of eight Vassily had the marksman’s eye of an experienced soldier, and he joined the local militia after winning a shooting contest in his local stanitsa. Normally young members of the militia were expected to play a support role, running messages, spotting, and carrying weapons and munitions as required. Vassily’s ability with a rifle, however, placed larger expectations his shoulders.

By the time Vassily was ten, he had witnessed and fought in numerous engagements and skirmishes. Regarded as unlucky with technology (it was a running joke that any high-tech equipment he touched would stop working), Vassily was nonetheless a superb marksman. With keen eyes, a methodical mindset, good reflexes, and solid instincts, Vassily excelled in any role which saw him wielding a firearm, and the comfort with which he took to the wilds alone was a wonder to his fellow militiamen.

A joint operation brought him to the attention of Sub-Lieutenant Evgeny Boreyev, who, marvelling at this young man’s abilities both in the wild and with a rifle, spent much energy conveying Vassily to his own regiment several stanitsas away from his home. Vassily became famous in the local area: the militiaman who would disappear into the wilds and return with cleanly shot wild game to supplement the tired and sad rations of the men in their cold and leaky barracks. It helped greatly that he was a fine cook, another skill passed on from his grandfather.

A sudden and violent raid by Antipodes forced the militia of his home stanitsa to withdraw into its inner defences. Vassily’s parents and grandfather were caught in the onslaught and killed; his family farm reduced to smoking ruin. Shortly afterwards, in despair, Vassily enlisted, joining the Line Kazaks and heading off for boot camp in the city of Tsitadel. Excelling in boot camp with his marksman’s eye and skill as a hunter, Vassily was reassigned from the Line Kazaks to the TankHunter Regiment.


basic training, he served for a year as a part of the TankHunters before being selected to be a part of a specialised TAG Hunter squad. For three years Vassily served with his squad, recognised by his superiors as a subpar Commissioned Officer but an excellent Sergeant as he proved himself capable and effective. Despite his success however, he never really felt at home in the army. A rural boy with the wild at his doorstep displaced into the rigid hierarchy of the military establishment, he never truly found his feet. He belongs to the Tartary forest and tundra, and feels adrift on deployment far from home. Enjoying the solitude of the wild made him perfect for a sniper’s role and his skill with a firearm brought him the attention of his superiors. Not quite sure what to do with someone with so much talent as a soldier and so little interest in rising to command, the Ariadnan Expeditionary Force assigned him to protect its ambassador to O-12. With his keen eyes and honed senses, he is well suited to the role of a bodyguard and able to rapidly end hostile situations before they escalate. On the circulars though, doing the rounds with his charge, Vassily misses the woodland most of all…


[H-S]: Before becoming a tabletop wargame, the Infinity universe was created for an RPG played by various founders/employees of Corvus Belli. Vassily Plushenko was Fernando Liste's character.



ISC: Vassily Plushenko, Tankhunters Officer Character Medium Infantry
Fury: Not Imeptuous Training: Regular Back-Up: No Cube
4-4 17 13 12 14 3 0 1 2
Skills and Equipment: Surprise Attack(-3), Camouflage, Mimetism(-3), Decoy(1), Stealth, Dogged, Courage
Loadout Special Skills Weapons and Equipment Melee Weapons Points SWC
1 Chain of Command T2 Marksman Rifle, Akrylat-Kanone, D-Charges Heavy Pistol, CC Weapon 40 0
2 Chain of Command T2 Sniper Rifle, D-Charges Heavy Pistol, CC Weapon 40 1
3 Lieutenant, Forward Observer T2 Marksman Rifle, Akrylat-Kanone, D-Charges Heavy Pistol, CC Weapon 36 0
4 Lieutenant, Forward Observer T2 Sniper Rifle, D-Charges Heavy Pistol, CC Weapon 36 1


ISC: Vassily Plushenko, TankHunters Officer Light Infantry
Fury: Non-Impetuous Training: Regular Back-Up: None
4-2 15 13 12 14 3 0 1 2
Skills and Equipment: CH: Ambush Camouflage, V: Dogged
Name Skills and Equipment BS Weapons CC Weapons Points SWC
CoC Marksman Chain of Command T2 Marksman Rifle, Akrylat-Kanone, D-Charges Heavy Pistol, Knife 39 0
CoC Sniper Chain of Command T2 Sniper Rifle, D-Charges Heavy Pistol, Knife 39 1
Lt Marksman Lieutenant, Forward Observer T2 Marksman Rifle, Akrylat-Kanone, D-Charges Heavy Pistol, Knife 35 0
Lt Sniper Lieutenant, Forward Observer T2 Sniper Rifle, D-Charges Heavy Pistol, Knife 35 1


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