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The oceanic planet. The third located habitable system and the first to possess a semi-intelligent species, the amphibian Ilotas. Home of the marine deities, Varuna is the planet of the islands, with little habitable land, so that platforms, underwater complexes and artificial islands are part of its landscape. In Varuna, all the possibilities of its oceans are taken advantage of: the biotechnology industry and the factories and marine farms, where many Ilotas work, are its main resources.

Unfortunately, the sporadic violence of a few insurgent Ilotas, the Libertos, occasionally disturbs the charm of this beautiful planet.[1]

Planet Statistics

Distance from Star: 0.7 AU

Orbital Revolution: 239 days

Rotation: 20.5 hours

Radius: 1,05 Earth radius

Surface Gravity: 0.89 g

Planet Data File

Head of government: Prime Minister

Capital: Akuna Bay

Population of Planet: 2 billion

Off-Planet System Population: 0.5 million

Main Languages: Tamil, Malayalam, Malay

Main Industries: Biotech, Aquaculture, Tourism