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Tunguska is much more than just a mothership. It is a “data haven”, a maximum-security safe wandering around space, keeping the secrets of the Human Sphere safe from prying eyes. Defined as a “necessary evil”, it is a compilation of all the things that morality and justice reject, but which are essential both for realpolitik and business. Because if anything is certain in the history of mankind, is that powerful people need to keep secrets. The more powerful an institution, or person is, the more secrets they tend to have, and the more dependent they become on them. Though, in a society controlled by ALEPH, no secret is really safe, and as much as the AI does not interfere in this kind of human affairs, you never know when an O-12 resolution may authorize it to do so. Tunguska is the—immoral—solution to this problem.[1]

Travel Guide for Nomad Ships


The smallest and least populated ship, and the alma mater of the Human Sphere’s best hackers. Better keep your devices safe - Purchase travel insurance!

Errant through the Human Sphere, Tunguska is a safe for data, money, and secrets. Rumor says it’s a tax haven, founded by banks, hackers, and mobsters - where money is law and greed is a virtue.

The Crypt and the seat of the main Nomad financial institutions can be found in the Centrum district. Some of your money is bound to have been through here.

This mothership is the very engine of the Nomad Nation, its uncontested leader. A ship whose existence is based on privacy and secrecy - key elements to preserve both the Human Sphere finances and freedom.

Tunguska’s image is that of impassive individuals, with sunglasses hovering over cold smiles. Professionals who know the price of all things and are willing to collect form anybody, though never in a personal manner - for in this mothership everything is only business.

Dare to visit any mothership? Don’t hesitate to contact your travel agent and book one of the most exciting and dangerous experiences of your life.[2]



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