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The Tohaa are an advanced alien civilization in an open war with the EI and its Combined Army. Custodians of one of the greatest treasures in existence, the Tohaa have resisted the EI’s attacks for longer than any other race in the universe. Tohaa shine in the use of biotechnology, having fearsome viral weapons and tough symbiotic armors, but they are also capable of modifying other races to give them a higher intelligence and make them fight at their direction. Now the Tohaa need allies and humanity seems to be an ideal candidate to act as a buffer in front of the might of the Combined Army.

Possessed of a gregarious nature, striking features, and a primal grace, the Tohaa make a strong impression, though no one would ever mistake them for human. Humanity’s new allies have provided much-needed support in an hour of need, but their actions remain enigmatic at best. In the short time since first contact, they’ve proven to be ruthless, cagey, and entirely capable of coldblooded pragmatism.

The average Tohaa is tall and slender, and while they can look almost delicate to the human eye, their lithe frames possess a deceptive strength. Most Tohaa will avoid conflict if they can help it, but that in no way makes them passive. Indeed, their ability to communicate discreetly means that Tohaa often conduct operations right under the noses of nearby humans; even the most insignificant-seeming functionary could be a Trihedron—or Trinomial—operative, and seemingly ornamental pets and plants often contain biotechnological assets


Below is a list of units which are commonly considered to be from this faction and/or its sectorials either in terms of availability or theme. This does not include units which are typically considered to be mercenaries, unless they thematically originate from this faction nor does it include units which are only available during specific ITS seasons.

A full list of units available to the generic faction can be seen via the Availability Categories links within the Navbox.

Included also is a link to the Spiral Corps NA2 faction which, despite not formally being a part of the Tohaa army, shares many similarities in terms of available troops.